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I am taking up the suggestion by huffygirl aka Donna through our comments, and many others on her post today – The Group of Four http://huffygirl.wordpress.com/2011/03/30/the-group-of-four/  .
She begins by saying “we need readers,” how important it is to have loyal readers.

This is so true and especially important to newbie bloggers. We write because we love to, we have something to say, something to share and we hope you will love what we post…or at least LIKE it and click that LIKE button.

Of course, we really appreciate the COMMENTS which in many cases become a dialogue between two or more readers with the author of the blog post. There is much to learn as a new blogger and it helps to hear from other bloggers who often become teachers through our online dialogue via comments.

Those of us new to the blog world hope to interest readers, and hold their interest so they will not only come back frequently, but will become SUBSCRIBERS to receive notice of all new posts.
We dream of huge numbers of READERS, COMMENTS, and SUBSCRIBERS in hopes that one day one of our posts will featured on FRESHLY PRESSED.

The other side of the coin is that although we want lots of readers, we also enjoy reading other bloggers’ posts. We like to subscribe to most of them. However, we find that we get so many to read, we can’t read them all, and sometimes after reading we don’t have time to comment on everything. Like everyone else we have other things in our lives which keep us busy outside of our blogging life. One reminder in the comments under huffygirl’s/Donna’s Group of Four blog is we can at least hit the LIKE button which lets the blogger know we stopped by and read their post.

Bloggers and non-blogger readers do join in on this discussion. Would love to hear from you.

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