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Recently it was time to take my old laptop to the local Recycle Station.
I knew I needed to strip the hard drive clean to make sure there could be no trace of anything.
Mind you, I didn’t and don’t have any bad stuff on any computer. I still feel it safer to make sure the hard drive is useless to anyone. My brother suggested I scratch/bend/dent the hard drive.

I figured out where the hard drive was located on the laptop and unscrewed what I thought was the cover. It turned out that the black cover was attached to the other side of a steel box. I could not see what I figured was the actual hard drive itself. I thought the only way to destroy it was with a hammer as the only thing I notice which looked like tiny screws on top were not screws. I tried to pulverize it with the hammer. No luck. It only put dents in the steel casing. I asked a friend what he thought and he said he would bring over a sledge-hammer 
Before he could come over I got more determined to figure this out myself. Looking at it again, turning it around in my hands I finally noticed tiny Phillips head screws. Since I have a precision screwdriver set I got it out and found the right size driver. After taking out the screws I was able to take the steel cover off…and, lo and behold there was a paper-thin green metal piece attached to the inside of the base…the actual hard drive.

I knew I could deal with that bad boy. I went to my tool box and got out the long nose pliers and began my DEMOLITION DERBY. And here is proof that I AM THE TERMINATOR.

I AM the Terminator by Ann Marquette


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I try to be faithful to my PostADay challenge and tonight I was going to say “This will be very short tonight because I am a couple of days behind reading the blogs I subscribe to, and want to get through them tonight.” The other issue was because I wasn’t inspired about anything in particular. Also, I did not want to a little lazy and just post another photo, or one of my previously written poems.

But then inspiration came walking in, so here I am.

While being out of work and searching for something new, one of the things I do is attend networking meetings as I did this morning. Today’s speaker told about her life and how she came to really KNOW herself. One of the ways she confirmed the person she is within was taking the Strength Finders 2.0 survey and reading the book which explains each of the 34 personality themes and the actions to take to be better at our true selves. She did a great job and definitely encouraged us to get the book and do the survey. At the end she said she needed a volunteer and asked who would help. I raised my hand and was the only one willing to volunteer, for what I did not know. It turned out that just by being willing to help I was given a copy of the book Strength Finders 2.0 by Tom Rath. There was nothing to help with. She just wanted to reward the willingness to volunteer. What a great idea. Getting the book was a great surprise gift.

Also during this time of transition in my life, I am learning more about myself, making personal transitions within, and working on my writing.

So, I will read the book and do the survey to confirm what I already believe to be true about myself; and enjoy learning what I may find I didn’t know.

OK, I am off to catch up on reading some of your blogs.

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