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Perfect time for this challenge since I have plenty photos, thanks to 4th of July.

4th July First One by Ann Marquette

4th of July 2012 by Ann Marquette

More 4th of July Celebrations by Ann Marquette

One more 4th of July by Ann Marquette


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It was a lovely Thanksgiving celebration last Thursday with friends….7 adults and 10 children, plus Kelly the dog, and Charlie the cat.  So much GOOD food.  I had to try just a little of everything, and oh so yummy.  After dinner we all went out for a walk then back for the two birthday gals to open cards and gifts.  Then it was time for the desserts and blow out the candles.

Homemade Cookies & Apple Pie by Ann Marquette

Candles for the Birthday Gals by Ann Marquette

Today is my actual birthday and it has been a great day…even through the rain.  I am grateful to be here, being well, and having wonderful people in my life.

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The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

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I am grateful for the spirit of the upcoming holidays … Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There is an emphasis on being grateful at Thanksgiving time. If we could only remember to be grateful each day of the year.

And Christmas…it is supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus. How many of us remember that in the midst of decorating, buying gifts, and looking forward to opening our own gifts! And if hosting the Christmas Eve and/or Christmas day meal, the buying of groceries and maybe some special table decorations; then cleaning the house and preparing the meal. Through all of this, many still feel the “spirit” and joy of this holiday. I hope your spirit of Christmas includes joy for the birth of Jesus.

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