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Wherever I happen to find myself sitting with paper and pen, my imagination bursting with the words eager to be put on that paper, is the non-exercise activity I wish would keep me physically fit.

However, it is a great workout for the brain cells. As I walk through the maze that is my brain, searching for the right words, to create the perfect sentences in order to describe the scenes, the people, and circumstances which makeup the story I am working on…surely that exercise gives the brain a good workout.


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3 candles


Well?  I have been walking along the streets of my brain this evening, looking for signs of inspiration.  Lamplight, soft glow of candles through the window of a cafe, dreaming as I look in the window of a quaint little shop as my mind picks out a couple items I would buy if I had the money, and seeing characters as we pass, but not really “seeing” them.

Well it is a lovely walk, but does not bring anything special to write about for today’s PostADay blog 🙂 See you tomorrow.

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