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A couple of you asked about what I learned from the Strengths Finders survey, for me personally.
So here goes with my top 5 strengths, according to this survey. Please not that what is included in the description of each theme/strength comes from the survey report. I am not including the whole description of each, only snippets.

CONNECTEDNESS people have faith in links between all things; and believe there are few coincidences, that almost every event has a reason.

FUTURISTIC individuals are inspired by the future and what could be. They inspire others with their visions of the future.

INTELLECTION this theme is characterized by intellectual activity. People with this are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.

INPUT themed individuals have a craving to know more and often like to collect and archive all kinds of information.

BELIEF talented people have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their life.

The report includes personalized strengths insights “what makes you stand out?” for each strength. Interesting stuff.


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This from Josh Groban inspires me…
When I feel confused or depressed, I remember back to junior high and I silently repeat, “This, too, shall pass.” Because I know that life is a journey I must accept and that pain and confusion are temporary. I know that if I follow my heart, it will lead me where I belong.

A potential financial sand pit could once again invade my life! I started a temporary full time job in early May 2007 with the belief that it would become permanent if the woman on maternity decided not to return to work. Because of business economics it was possible they would make the position part-time (which would not support me), or they would cut the position completely. They decided to delete the position.

It would have been very easy to get stressed, concerned, fearful.
No, this time I believed with all my heart that God has something truly wonderful for me. God has surprised me with some amazing things, people, and situations in my life…which I would never have dreamed of. I thought that it may not be exactly what I wanted for myself, but then it might be even better than my dreams.

My dreams include/included relocating to a wonderful city only 2 hours from where I currently live, and where I go for day trips whenever I can. It is a place where I feel endless possibilities – creatively and socially. It is the friendliest city I have ever experienced. I want to spend my time writing, getting inspired, writing some more. I continue to believe, I believe, I believe in the best is yet to come.

And so, I wondered…

• What next
• Where do I go from here…where does God want me
• I wonder – IS my writing, my stories, my poetry good enough to be published by a real publishing house, are they good enough…am I good enough to find an agent (a great agent).
• What is the reason for me to write…can my writings really help, encourage, entertain, inspire others….or is it just for my own ego

Since then I have had other job assignments, one was over 15 months. The most recent ended a few weeks ago. Agencies, other business contacts and I are looking again for work.

I continue to “walk with Jesus” through all my life, to “know” that when one door closes another opens and that God always has something better for us.

I remind myself that God has surprised me with amazing surprises in my life, things I never dreamt of, and I feel the excitement of whatever surprise God has next in store for me. I know that although I cannot see how my dreams can come true, God can move mountains, he can cause all things to work for the good, and he can change hearts.

So, no matter what is going on in your life…be brave, courageous, and at peace.

August 15, 2007

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