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It has been a great week. I am blessed that during this time of unemployment, in between looking for a job, I am able to help others, work on renewing my mind in the work of transformation. Life is good and I sense more changes, good changes on the way.

The last files I have been going through to purge old and unneeded papers are those of my writings, published book, photography, etc. I love the surprises, finding old inspired writings. They may not be Nobel Prize winning, but they still move me.

This one was probably written as I sat in a restaurant, maybe with beautiful music in the background.

Through the clanking cups and silver, the ringing cash register, the frothing machine and people talking ~ your sounds sooth me and wash through my soul to cleanse it from the stress of the day.

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Life is not perfect, yet I find moments of joy in being kind to me. Time to refresh myself in order to give to others.

Taking time to just sit and be happy within, to work on my writing, listening to beautiful music or read is peaceful. And on occasion I treat myself to flowers.

I also remember how grateful I am for so many blessings in my life. The most precious blessings are the people in my life, even those who in it for only a short while.

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