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Reading the Touchstones of Happiness, 75 of them from various individuals reminds me of some of my own.

My morning cup of French Press coffee with Jesus.

The day my brother came to us, only a few days old as a foster child. And again, when our parents brought him back home from a hospital in Virginia where is biological mother had left him, then decided to let us adopt him. We got him back before his first birthday. Thinking of him makes me smile.

A sweatshirt he gave me which I wore until it was nearly in tatters. I was able to save the front of it and a friend made it into a small pillow cover. Now I can hug it lovingly, like I am hugging him.

Fresh flowers bring me joy, especially tulips, calilies, and daisies.

Books, books, books.

My Tiffany Bracelet from Becky. And remembering how I met her…at my Tiffany Reception hosted by the Regional VP of Tiffany’s for my newly published book.

Walks along a sandy beach at the ocean.

A fresh new legal pad of paper, a favorite pen…and the beginning of a new writing.

Or a clean white Word doc writing with the keys on my tablet as I sit in the Barnes and Noble Café.

Quality time with friends, face to face.

What are some of your touchstones of happiness?  Would love to read yours.



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Malpe Beach

Ocean View

One of the PostADAy suggested topics: “What is your dream vacation?” Here is one of mine.

The first dream vacation which comes to mind would be staying in a lovely cottage a little up from the beach overlooking the ocean. Each morning I would have my coffee on the porch as I watch the sun come up. Later I would take a long walk along the beach, stopping occasionally to sit and look at the view. What a special delight when I see some dolphins, whales, and seals. I love hearing the water splashing the shore. After awhile I would continue my walk, sometimes collecting special sea shells.

What a beautiful and inspirational time to let my mind wander as it opens to whatever visions appear for the next poem or story. Then…

Back at the cottage I would again sit on the big rocking chair porch with a pad of paper and pen to write down the inspirations I collected during my walk. I stop long enough to have a little lunch, then back to writing again. A few hours later I stop writing for the day and make preparations for a light dinner, which will be enjoyed at the café table and chairs at one end of the porch, with a glass of wine.

As the afternoon turns to evening and the sun is heading slowly to the horizon I take a short stroll along the beach. I return to the cottage, put on some easy listening music. Since it gets pretty cool in the evening I start a fire in the fireplace and curl up in a big chair with a cup of hot chocolate. A wonderful end to a beautiful day.

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