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Artwork in the Garden at Rowe by Ann Marquette

Ok, I know, I am nine days late getting this out.  No valid excuse.  But, here I am finally posting more of my trip…in case anyone is still interested, and if nothing else, I write this for myself. 

Day 2
After selecting my breakfast choices from the hotel’s continental breakfast bar I ate in my room while watching some of the Today Show.  Then it was time to pack up, make my travel cup of Starbucks Italian Roast extra bold instant coffee for the road.

Destination this day was a hotel in Bear, Delaware for the overnight rest.  It was a long drive including through D.C., some toll booths, over bridges, and through a tunnel or two before arriving around 6:20pm.  As I entered the lobby there was a musty smell, and what smelled like body odor!  I wanted a first floor room, but told the hotel was booked out for the weekend (this was a Thursday evening), so my room was on the 3rd floor.  By the way, this hotel was not in a great area and the only visible nearby place to get a meal was across the highway.  If I had only arrived before 6pm I could have cancelled my booking at no cost.  So I had to stay there.  I got to my room and found it hot and smelly from the heat.  I had to turn on the AC full blast for it to cool down and get rid of the smell, which took about an hour.  I had hoped to relax that night by watching the season finale of Touch.  Wouldn’t you know, they were having issues with their cable and three of the stations were not working.  Of course, the one I wanted to watch was one of them.  Eventually I feel asleep on the little couch.

Day 3
This was the final day to reach the end of my 1,000 plus miles with many stops for potty breaks, stretching my legs, getting gas, and the occasional meal.  I am grateful to Laurie Buchanan’s blog Speaking from the Heart post about her favorite writing tool, her squishy buns.  http://holessence.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/squishy-buns-my-favorite-writing-tool/    It was just what I needed for such a long drive.  I went to www.gelcoproducts.com and purchased one of their Gel Seats.  What a great product.   It helped me to sit straighter and more comfortably.  And, for the first time after sitting in the car for long periods I did not feel stiff at all when I got out.

Yippee, this was the day to arrive at my real destination…the Rowe Camp & Conference Center in the Berkshire Mountains for the weekend writers’ retreat/workshop.  Registration was 4-7 PM on this Friday, June 1st.  With hors d’oeuvres starting at 6 PM I wanted to be there in time to get settled and join in the networking and snacks J  Do you think it was food on my mind?

I made it up the mountain, arriving at Rowe Camp & Conference Center just before 5 PM.

Entrance to Rowe Farmhouse by Ann Marquette


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Dreamer ~ Writer ~ Creator

If I didn’t need money I would enjoy time with friends, meeting new friends, walking my dogs (which I don’t have yet), spending time downtown and along the river and in the park. I would do some traveling, volunteering, learning, and catch up on some reading. And, all the while my mind and spirit would be free and open to inspiration flowing through me.
I would write more poems, more stories in the Little One series, blogs, and my memoirs. I love to write and share my writings in hopes they are enjoyed by others. I also enjoy hearing when my readers tell me they are inspired and/or encouraged by something I’ve written.
I have a dream to have my first story of Little One created into a living story. It would be great fun to find artists in different mediums to create their work of art to help tell the story of Little One and her journeys; and search for a musician to create music to accompany the telling of the story.

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Phillis Wheatley

Writing by Phillis Wheatley

I wrote this in May 2004 and decided to revisit the thoughts and feelings.
I do love to write, and I dream of a time when I do not have to worry about looking for paying jobs, so I can focus on dreaming inspirations and write.

I am in the middle of writing book 2 of the Little One series, and feel and amazing sense of joy. Some parts of the stories I write are just pure magic, a gift God gives me during the inspirational times.

They are even more special when they reflect truths, beautiful truths in life, especially when they are part of my life or inspired by someone else.

These stories of Little One are not my life stories, although parts of them could be metaphorically related to my life. Some of them are inspired by things that happen, and some I wish would happen (smile).

I would hope that this second book will be as wonderful for the readers as I have heard the first one has been for the many who have read it.

The greatest joy from a published story is to hear or read what others have experienced from it…joy, inspiration of some kind, how it may have helped them in their lives, their decision to start writing a book or poems of their own.
These are greatest gifts any author can receive from their readers.

Thank you God for the joy-filled spaces of time.

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The writer, the written and the writing tool

Image by Ravages via Flickr

I was speaking with an artist in Greenville the other day and he was asking about my writing. I mentioned my struggle with getting quality time to let my imagination and pen to flow freely. He agreed it is a dilemma for so many artists and writers.

Ah! if only I could win the lottery and hire a Tony (as in Who’s The Boss) to do the housework, run errands, do the cooking 🙂 Then I would have loads of time to dream, imagine, create, write; and work on other things.
Well at least I can DREAM 🙂

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