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Image by dvux via Flickr

I decided to follow-up on my Thursday post My Heart Hurts…
Friday morning in one of my readings “Never Judge” where the last paragraph says “How can one judge of another? ……………… Bring each heart to Me, its Maker, and leave it with Me. Secure in the certainty that all that is wrong I can set right.”

How many times each day do we judge each other, even in small ways. We forget that we do not know where the other person has been in their lives, what they have been through, how their lives and environments have affected them. Even those people we think we know, we don’t REALLY know what is going through their minds, emotions, spirit, their HEARTS. It takes time to truly get to KNOW another person’s background and their heart.

How does your heart feel…about life these days?
What is your dream for our country, and your personal dream?

I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, let your heart light shine.


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