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How many times have I heard or read “home is where the heart is” or “home is where you hang your hat” or “home is wherever you are” ~ oh my! Anyway, I left Michigan where I was born to live in the sunnier Miami, Florida. It was “ok,” but the humidity and heat so many months of the year was stifling. Just as I was thinking about moving back to Michigan near family, I met a man and we ended up getting married! Well that ended 5 years later when he was having an affair with a neighbor and said he wanted a divorce. A couple years later and after several major traumas in my life, ending with my Father’s death I moved to Ireland.  I needed a major break in my life and wanted to experience living abroad. A few months after moving there, guess what, I met a man and we ended up getting married several months later. After 12 years of marriage, most of that time in and out of marriage counseling  I found out he was having an affair. As there was no divorce in Ireland and 20% unemployment I moved back to the US.  I chose Atlanta GA where I believed it was the right place to start back in my home country. I got the divorce from the Irish husband and lived in Georgia for 23 years, except for five months in Napa CA. In all these places I never felt AT HOME.

In 2006 after moving back to GA from CA I decided to find a place near enough for just getting away day trips. Once reading about the downtown area of Greenville, SC I decided to make a trip to check it out. It was great and so were the people. I found it to be a breath of fresh air, times of joy in my life every time I visited. Then change in me began to take place and one day I realized I had actually found HOME. The desire to move there grew, but I had a townhouse in GA to sell. I first started trying to sell in 2008 just as our economy tanked, and it continued to get worse. I finally sold it November 2013. Still lost my shirt on it, but didn’t have to take money to the table to get rid of it. So I was finally able to move to Greenville, SC.

Everything is not perfect here. Some of those who were so friendly and even suggested we would get together…never happened.  I have yet to find a part time job, which I really need pretty soon (some source of supplemental income).

BUT, I am so HAPPY being in Greenville. I love it here and it is HOME to me. I have made some lovely new friends, found a great church, and becoming more involved in life here. Here is where I find my JOY.

Have you found your HOME place and your JOY?

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