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Love~Heart Smiles

By Ann Marquette

I am not big on the commercialization or hype about Valentine’s day.

I believe we all should show love everyday to everyone.

There are various kinds/levels of love.

Everyone needs to know they are loved. Even little kindnesses, like giving someone a smile can make their day.

I hope your day is very special, and mostly I wish for you something special to make your heart smile.

The Dance Begins

English: Dancing couple illustration

English: Dancing couple illustration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Ann Marquette

You sit in this quiet place
Playing quiet beautiful music
A peace comes over you

You feel a joy you never knew
You look up to see her
There a short distance away

Her smile comes from deep within
She walks very slowly
She is coming to you

You are still playing
Yet you have stopped breathing
You feel you are in a dream

She is beside you now
She holds out her hand to you
You take her hand and rise

The music goes on in your souls
You hold each other
Softly, slowly you glide around the floor

The dance begins
To the quiet song within your hearts

January 8, 2005   Copyright

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de: Beweinung des Leichnams Christi, Erfurt, u...


I wrote this in 2005. Yes it is sad, yet reminds me to be available to others.

A few moments of magic
A special letter
Exciting news
Something special happens
I am excited
A special joy fills me up
I want to share the moments
….in person

Call to a friend
Can we meet for coffee?
Something wonderful to share…
Sorry, can’t…
Call another friend
Can we meet…?
Something wonderful to share…
Sorry, can’t today…
See another friend
Want to share something wonderful…
They are busy with children
Or other people…
Sorry, can we talk later…………

My heart drops
Pain sets in
My spirit cries
I try not to feel sorry for myself
I can barely breathe
The moments disappear
No one to share with…
Just more moments…

Copyright February 5, 2005

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This I wrote in April 2004. I was apparently deeply touched by something…Silence?  I love this work of art by Michael Cox.

Blue Moon by Michael Cox

Silence is quiet
It speaks…
Peace or pain

Silence is loud
It screams…
Thoughts unspoken
Real or unreal
Truth or untruth

Silence is not always golden
Silence can be a black hole
Silence may be more painful
Than the words of truth

©April 2004

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Peace in the Garden by ann marquette

In a time and place of silence
I see the faces and shapes of you
Yet, never a word is spoken
But I see your silent smiles

I hear the birds more profoundly
The sounds of leaves falling
Of tree limbs crackling
I see your silent smiles

I am surrounded by nature
Twenty acres of God’s landscape
Wooded hillsides along the river
I hear the squirrels scamper through the trees
I see your silent smiles

I hear the distant sounds
Of life outside this place
The motor cars, motorcycles, motorboats
I wish them all away
But glad for your silent smiles

I am here with all of you
Within our own silence
Waiting, waiting, and listening
To hear the voice of God
As we see our silent smiles

Yet in this beautiful quiet time
I see your silent smiles
And hear the gates of your hearts open
To the message God has for you
Blessed be the silent smiles…

Copyright © October 2, 2004

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Pleiades Star Cluster


Oh most beautiful star
In the sky tonight
You are most bright
I watch and wait
With hand raised up
Open and waiting
Slowly, oh so slowly
You move through
The night sky
You come closer
As I watch and wait
Hand outstretched
Then ever so softly
You come to rest
In the palm of my hand
You shine like a diamond
Your brilliance
Holds me in awe
I could almost wish
To hold you tight
To keep you safe just for me
In time, your light
Would fade from sight
You would die
To me and to all
So I let you stay
As long as you wish
With palm open
So you may leave at will
You will travel back
To the night sky
To shine brightly
For all to see
I will cherish
The moments you gifted me
With your light
Specially for me
For a little while…
Star So Bright

Copyright 2005

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Today I was reading a post titled “If I Only Had a Heart”  by Laurie Buchanan http://holessence.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/if-i-only-had-a-heart/ and as several of us posted our comments it reminded me of a poem I wrote eight years ago.  I have been asked to post it.  So here it is.

 By Ann Marquette

It has been so very long
Since tears have flowed freely

As each tear cannot find its way free
It crystallizes within this heart of mine

So many times I feel the pain
Of the crystal tears piercing my heart

I wonder how long will it be
Before the pain is washed away

What will it take to melt these crystal tears
Allowing them to flow freely once more…

©February 2004
All rights reserved

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Photograph of a candle - version without refle...

Candle Light

Oh God, Our Father, You are The Light
which guides us on our path through
this life…when we let you.

Remind me always to surrender all in my
life to your love and care. I am always
your child, and sometimes I forget.
Whenever I see the flame of a candle, the
sunshine, or moonlight…let them remind me
that you will always light my way.

With each path I have chosen, you have placed
others in my life…like stars in the sky…
to help light my way, through you & to you.
Help me to never forget those who come
into my life, even for a short while, for they
are blessings from You.

Let me never forget, God, that we are all
One in You…that everyone in my life is a part
of me, a part of You. I too, am The Light.

Let me not forget that those who have been
lights in my life may also need my Light to shine
for them.

Thank You, Light of My Life

©March 21, 1999

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You opened your arms to welcome me
You spoke as to a friend
You smiled as we passed
Your heart whispered,
As it flowed alongside mine
“Come Home”

Your charm and beauty inspire me
Your soul reaches out and touches me
Your spirit fills me with endless possibilities, and
Calls Me Home

You wrap me in a warm embrace,
As if a long parted lover
You fill me with joy and comfort
A sense deep inside, that you are
Calling Me Home.

© September 11, 2007

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English: Moon

English: Moon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Way out there in the Universe
in the dark blue sky
someone watches over us.

Wherever we are in the night
whether near or far apart
the eyes keep watch.

Whatever our mood, our emotions
be they sad, happy, lonely
the light from the watchful
brightens our nights.

I am here waiting, watching,
wondering where you are
hoping you are ready and looking for me.

Believing the light from above
will someday guide us
to the same path, to each others arms
keeps me at peace.

In the dark and lonely nights
I pray for you to find me
and wish on the stars above
for the Moon to Watch over us.

June 22, 1996

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In a score or on a performer's music part, thi...

Image via Wikipedia

You can learn more about Jonn and his music, including some sampling of his sounds on his website  http://www.thousandstar.com/index2.html

“Night Orchid” by Jonn Serrie inspired me to write…

A smoky, dusky café by the water’s edge
Evening time
Boats drifting quietly by
The soft sound of rippling water.

People sipping coffee or wine
Talking among themselves

A haunting sound in the background.

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