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Moving On

On the Move by Ann Marquette

As I have said many times, the greatest blessings are the people in our lives.  Some may be only for a passing moment, but could leave an imprint on our minds, change our lives, or even just a momentary heart smile.  Many come into our lives for longer periods of time, even several years.

Whether circumstances or just personal choices cause us to move on, more specifically location, it changes our relationships.  Friendships may last a lifetime, but our individual lives often lessen our communications, some eventually stop altogether.

For many years of my life the friends who moved on in their lives, leaving me behind, was very painful.  As I matured and a bit wiser, I learned to let go with love in my heart.

I have done the same to others when deciding to change my location, a few times over the years.  Never figured it would bother the friends I left behind.  Some are still friends, although long distance.

I am writing this because a dear friend of 8 years who lived next to me here in Greenville and just moved to Kentucky.  She had been wanting to leave here for a long time and finally found where she wanted to move to and she has friends there. 

We will remain friends, but her not being here where we spent lots of time together will leave a social hole in my life.  Yet, I am happy for her to find a place where she will be happy.

It is awesome how God continues to bring other wonderful people into our lives.

I love the beautiful footprints friends leave on my heart and spirit.


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A beautiful new day…whether sunshine or rain, I am grateful for another day.

For every breath I take.

For my eyes to see the beauty in this world and every person I meet.

For my ears to hear the sounds of life around me…birds chirping, rainfall, laughter, and music.

For my sense of smell to enjoy the fragrance of flowers and autumn leaves.

For my voice, whether spoken words or written.

For my sense of touch, to know the feeling of a hug, a soft breeze, sand under my feet, the comfort of a soft blanket.

For my church community, all the people in my life whether family, close friends, acquaintances and all the strangers who pass by.

People are the greatest blessings in my life.

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