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April 1st 2017 was the end of my life as I knew it, and the beginning of a new me. This was not God playing a April Fools joke on me!

It could have truly been the end of my life had I not called 911. I knew something was really wrong as I was having a second episode like I had on March 30th, which I, and the paramedics thought was a major anxiety/panic attach. This time I called 911 and said I might be having a heart attack. Very soon there were about 8 men and I think a woman in my apartment, from the fire department and EMT. They connected me to a machine (?EKG) and did a bunch of other things before putting me on a stretcher and taking me to the ER.

Once there I was connected to an IV and other machines, and a couple tests done. The doctor came in and told me I was in atrial fibrillation, he was going to call a cardiologist and see what he wanted done. The decision was made to get me to the Telemetry unit at the other campus of this hospital (St. Francis Bons Secour) where they have all the updated and appropriate machines for cardiac issues. Once there I was given meds and connected to more machines. A cardiologist came in to see me. He said I would most likely have to have a pacemaker, and yes be on special drugs the rest of my life!! It still hurts to say those words. The first 3 days all kinds of tests were done and apparently I was going in and out of afib. Another cardiologist saw me the next day also mentioning a pacemaker. On day 3 he confirmed I would have to have one! Totally shocking to suddenly hear I would have to have a mechanical device inserted into my body and be on special drugs the rest of my life. I told him right up front that I hate drugs and seriously dislike drug companies. My life, as I knew it, ended. Yet I was and am still alive. Trying to process this is still part of the beginning of this new journey.

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