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The Ultimate Art~Is Love


Believe  by Ann Marquette

For Orlando, for our World…

Through the years I’ve learned to appreciate a variety of art forms. There is art to satisfy the senses, and affect the emotions. The visual arts such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs can stimulate our emotions by their beauty, or subject matter. Music can touch our hearts, make us happy or sad, even move us to dance.

Stage plays, movies, documentaries, etc. can affect all our emotions in various degrees and combine two or more of our senses. Excellent cooks are artists, and not just in deliciously satisfying our taste buds. They may also create a vision of beauty in the way they arrange the food on the plate, and the setting in which it is served.

Some artists are talented in more than one medium. Most excel in only one. However, there is one form of art in which every single person on earth could and should be really good at…that is the Art of Relationships. Yes, a really good relationship, of any kind, is a work of art. Just like a painting, a sculpture, music, a poem, a beautiful story…it takes time, a lot of care, imagination, devotion, and love to make it a work of art.

The most beautiful and powerful art form in a human relationship is that of two people who are true soul mates, who complement each other (who balance each other), are best friends and intimates. They are two people who are mutually respectful, faithful, caring and loving. Two people who truly like and value each other. Together they are even better as one. The beauty and magic of this rare kind of relationship is so powerful as to affect others around them…creating peace, harmony and more love.

Creating the Art of Relationship with all people is worth the journey.  After all, it is Love, the greatest of gifts.  LOVE IS LOVE …

© June 13, 2016

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