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It has been a blessed year with so much to be grateful for, on this Thanksgiving and my birthday.

Every few years Thanksgiving falls on my birthday, but this year my birthday was the day after Thanksgiving.

On my birthday something happened which made me realize there is something special I have to be grateful for…the gift of tears.

Most of my life I cried very easily.  The tears were not just for sadness, hurt or pain; but many times because I heard or saw special happy moments in the lives of others.  Several years ago there were times when I cried a lot due to sadness.  One night I got home from spending an evening with others where something had happened.  When I got home I got on my knees and sobbed for several minutes for the pain in my heart.  Then I stopped abruptly and told God I would never cry again because it did no good.

Over the years since then I often felt like crying, whether for something sad or something happy.  I could feel the tears inside, but the physical tears never came.   Through that time I was inspired to write…


 By Ann Marquette

It has been so very long
Since tears have flowed freely

As each tear cannot find its way free
It crystallizes within this heart of mine

So many times I feel the pain
Of the crystal tears piercing my heart

I wonder how long will it be
Before the pain is washed away

What will it take to melt these crystal tears
Allowing them to flow freely once more.

©February 2004
All rights reserved

A few years ago I began to wish those tears would flow again, but this time I prayed asking God that should the time come for me to be able to shed actual tears that it would begin with happy tears.

Recently I’ve heard and seen some beautiful real life stories and each time real tears of joy flowed.

It was only on my birthday when I thanked God for letting me live that I realized He was gifting me again with tears, beginning with tears of joy.


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