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Heart – Give your heart lovingly

Would you like to know that you are visible to the world around you, that you matter? 

On Oprah’s Farewell show she left us with a loving message filled with inspiration and encouragement.  She said one of the things she learned through all these years is that everyone wants to be SEEN, HEARD, and VALIDATED.  She wanted to do that for others…to really see them, hear them, and help them feel validated.

There have been times in my life when I felt invisible.  Occasionally still do.

I hate to think that I have made someone else feel that way, but I probably have, without meaning to.  I would hope that none of us mean to make someone feel invisible.

I try to open my heart and my spirit to be truly aware of others and their feelings.  Not great at it yet, but working on it 🙂

Have you ever been in a small group, even just two or three others where you were completely ignored, left out?



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