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Candle Light

Oh God, Our Father, You are The Light
which guides us on our path through
this life…when we let you.

Remind me always to surrender all in my
life to your love and care. I am always
your child, and sometimes I forget.
Whenever I see the flame of a candle, the
sunshine, or moonlight…let them remind me
that you will always light my way.

With each path I have chosen, you have placed
others in my life…like stars in the sky…
to help light my way, through you & to you.
Help me to never forget those who come
into my life, even for a short while, for they
are blessings from You.

Let me never forget, God, that we are all
One in You…that everyone in my life is a part
of me, a part of You. I too, am The Light.

Let me not forget that those who have been
lights in my life may also need my Light to shine
for them.

Thank You, Light of My Life

©March 21, 1999


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