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Happy Sunday everyone.  I hope you all had a great weekend.

This morning, as I usually do, I watched and “listened” to Dr. Charles Stanley of InTouch.  The topic today was “Victory over Rejection.”  He talked about the various ways we have felt rejected in our lives, even words from our parents, friends, loved ones.  He reminds us that we need to remember that we are God’s child and He loves us unconditionally; and that He knows us to be so worthy that He gave his only son to die for us.

A comment my mother said many times to me when I was a child still haunts me.  What has haunted you?  Do you ever feel invisible (rejected)?  This is worth hearing for yourself…http://www.intouch.org/

The daughter of a friend of mine came by to tell me about the various knives and other kitchen tools by Cutco which are made in the U.S. and amazing quality.  She is doing this to earn money to help pay for a special summer physics course she is taking before starting her 2nd year at a university in North Carolina.  She did a great job in her presentation.

Then I went to my outdoor office, a table outside Starbucks, where I read and write.  Occasionally I catch up with my brother or a friend by phone, as I did today when a friend called.  Always enjoyable having conversations with friends, even if by phone.

It was lovely out today until the sound of thunder made those of us sitting outside look up to see the darkening sky.  Once it got closer I headed back to the house.  On the way there was a big bolt of lightning…yikes!  I arrived safe, but it was raining pretty hard.  We needed the rain, and it saved me from having to water the new sod the landscapers put down recently.

A blessed day.


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