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Tulips in Keukenhof,

Tulips in Keukenhof, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hearing good news, special blessings in other people’s lives brings me joy. Friend B recently received news from her cardiologist that her heart is beating much better, since the defibrillator was installed.  He told her if it is doing as good or better in six months she will be able to stop taking one of her meds.

My friend G received good news that her bank has agreed to reduce her mortgage payment so she is able to keep her house.

Long time friend L had some good news from her doctor.

Past co-worker and friend D quit her job in March.  Already she has been a contract job with a company she worked with a couple of years ago.

Missing my dear friend T, she has loved the work she has been doing for the last couple of years, but it was only half days pay.  She recently was offered a similar job full-time and more money.  So, her current employer counter offered with full-time, significantly more money, 2 weeks paid vacation a year and a big bonus.

Me and my brother closed on the sale of mother’s house in February.

These are just a few examples of God’s blessings since the beginning of this year…most of them just this month.


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