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It has been a lovely two days with sunshine, smiles, health, peace, joy, and friendship.

Although yesterday was one year since I put my house FOR SALE by owner sign up, and I was wondering if I should take it down or leave it up!  Hm!  Still don’t know, but I don’t feel moved to take it down…at least not yet!

I found out that the Cherry tree out front will be, among 10 others in this community, coming down this week.  They are way too big to be so close to the houses and will be replaced with something more appropriate.  I am glad because this tree causes a big mess out front for months.

Had the service come out and get two wasp nests down from high up front of the house.  I exercised and accomplished a few things before evening.  Then I met up with a friend for coffee at Starbucks.  Always a joy spending time with my friend.

The best part of these days are quiet time spent with God and in prayer.  And then the rest of the day turns out better.

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