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Thought I would share some photos of day trip to Greenville, SC with a friend who wanted a day away.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.  We are still curious as to the story behind the mommy below with all her babies, but one does not look like it would be one of hers!!

Enjoy the photos.

Mommy and her 9 babies Reedy River, Greenville SC by Ann Marquette

Reedy River and Liberty Bridge Greenville SC by ann marquette

Restful stop along Reedy River by Ann Marquette


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White tulips on return Nederlands: bijna uitge...

White tulips on return Nederlands: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I was thinking about the changing landscape within friend relationships and thought of  posting this piece again.

Friends are the richest blessings we can have.

When we accept a new friend into our lives, we must take them as they are…warts and wonders.

Our friends must be given the freedom to come and go, in and out of our lives as they need.
Yet, when we feel a great need to share a thought, feeling, or time with a friend we should let them know…especially to let them know we care for and love them.

Some friends are like leaves on a tree, and the time comes for them to fall away from our lives and move on to become friends with others. We each leave a part of ourselves with the other.

Other friends are like rocks, here to stay with us through thick and thin…all the days of our lives.

Friendships, long or short-term, should be cherished and tended as the most valuable gift we have in life.

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Tulips in Keukenhof,

Tulips in Keukenhof, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hearing good news, special blessings in other people’s lives brings me joy. Friend B recently received news from her cardiologist that her heart is beating much better, since the defibrillator was installed.  He told her if it is doing as good or better in six months she will be able to stop taking one of her meds.

My friend G received good news that her bank has agreed to reduce her mortgage payment so she is able to keep her house.

Long time friend L had some good news from her doctor.

Past co-worker and friend D quit her job in March.  Already she has been a contract job with a company she worked with a couple of years ago.

Missing my dear friend T, she has loved the work she has been doing for the last couple of years, but it was only half days pay.  She recently was offered a similar job full-time and more money.  So, her current employer counter offered with full-time, significantly more money, 2 weeks paid vacation a year and a big bonus.

Me and my brother closed on the sale of mother’s house in February.

These are just a few examples of God’s blessings since the beginning of this year…most of them just this month.

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Reedy River, Greenville SC by Ann Marquette

Years later I still remember
Standing in your kitchen
I was tired from a long drive
And visit with friend in nursing home

You took me in your arms
You held me close
A strange thing happened
I felt completely at home
There in your arms

Years later I found the place
Where I really feel at home
And then I remembered
This city is where you lived

I remembered the strangeness
Of feeling at home in your arms
Then I smiled, realizing
It was only a sign
Of something wonderful to come

I thought it was you
I never felt that with anyone
So, I thought it was you

It wasn’t you that was home
It’s the city you lived
Where I feel at home

Thank you anyway.

© July 19, 2008

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A red rose with dewdrops Français : Une rose r...

Two years ago today…

I remember the relief when we got the news that Mother quietly left this world, because she was finally able to go home to Jesus as she had wanted for so many years.  She suffered long enough.

Looking at last year’s post for remembering her I decided it says what I would say again. **********************

On this morning a year ago, my mother quietly passed from this life into God’s arms. She wanted it so badly for many years.

We had our differences over the years, but although we were never close, we forgave each other the hurts we caused.

It was very sad when we found out she had Alzheimer’s. She didn’t have the best life and my heart-felt so bad for her. I have occasionally thought about writing for her “Mother~You Deserved a Better Life.”

She was the last of eight children…six girls and two boys. All are gone now, including their spouses. I wish I would have thought, many years ago when they were all alive to start asking questions about mother…the things they knew about her. Writing about her would mostly come from my own memories or things I think I remember she told me.

I did know that she gave birth to me out-of-wedlock, and the details were sketchy, until…

The time came when we had to put mother in assisted living. We found a very nice place which looked like a hotel. Her doctor even recommended it, and no that doctor was not assigned to that home. We, my brother and I, made all the arrangements with the home including which room she would be in and had some new furniture delivered there for her.
In conversations with the staff there, and other people we knew who had to put a relative in an Alzheimer’s assisted living facility we knew not to tell mother what was going to happen. The staff at the home said to bring her for lunch and that they would be around to help us when the time came to tell mother she would not be going back home.
God that hurts just writing it. It broke our hearts to have to put her there, but the doctor told us she should have been in about a year sooner.

So we told her we were taking her out to lunch, and since the dining room was on the first floor just like a hotel she would not think anything of it. She did mention a couple of times about all the old people there and so many in wheel chairs; but then immediately forgot about it. We had it arranged that when lunch was over and we were ready, the lady who was going to be mother’s daytime caregiver would come and offer to take us on a “tour.”
Then once we were in “mother’s room” we would tell her the news. I am not going there today.

Anyway, when we finished lunch and dessert we had some coffee and conversation. With Alzheimer’s the memories go, beginning with the most current so gradually they begin remembering older experiences. At one point mother looked at me and said something that I never knew, and my brother had never heard it either. She said “I am so glad I did not have you aborted!” Talk about shock! She told us that she had been raped (another shock) and was how she got pregnant with me. She said two of her siblings (she could not remember which ones) told her she should have an abortion. Apparently she had agreed. When they took her to have it done, as she was about to walk through the door to the room she decided she could not go through with it. So, she gave birth to me and kept me. It was not an easy life for her.  And then she ended up having to go through this horrible illness and be in assisted living for four years.

You deserved a better life mother, but I know you now have the best life.

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Yellow tulip Русский: Желтый тюльпан

Yellow tulip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago I posted that I would be away, at least for a while.  I needed time alone, frequently in the dark, time to reflect on a recent issue that came up and my life in general.

At one point, a light came on in my mind and spirit.  I realized that the issue, bad as it was, that I was learning a lesson mostly unrelated to the issue.  It strengthened my reserve to be more disciplined and focused, to organize my time better in order to accomplish not just the daily things, but especially to do what God has been telling me to do…WRITE 🙂

I found a book in Barnes & Noble the other day titled “anything” by jennie allen (yes she spells it all with lower case).  It is about her journey and “the prayer that unlocked my God and my Soul.”   Although her website says it will be in stores Spring 2012, well it is Spring and it is in the stores.  http://jennieallen.com/projects/anything I also recommend you watch the 3 minute video clip on her site.

So, one afternoon I went to Starbucks, got a Grande coffee, and set out in the sunshine while I read and made notes as I remembered parts of my own life.

I will always be learning lessons, and aiming to be better…as a person, a friend, sister, volunteer, writer, blogger, in whatever capacity I am in this life, and mostly as one of God’s children.

I thank all of you who replied to my last post on April 10th with all your kind thoughts and encouragement.  YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I am so grateful for these times which make me look at my life, to know my faults and learn from them, to know that no matter how imperfect I am God loves me and sends others in my life who lift me up with their love and encouragement.

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I need to take several steps back in my life and I will not be posting or commenting on anyone’s posts for a while.  Time to crawl into my space and review my life.  Thanks for all your kindnesses.

I wish you all many blessings, peace, joy, and love.


Tulip (Photo credit: sk8geek)

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Happy Easter and Passover.

Easter Lilly FT5000

Easter Lilly FT5000 (Photo credit: gainesmary28)

It is a beautiful day and I am grateful for the gift of our Savior and His sacrifice for us.  I am grateful for God’s unconditional love for each and every one of us.

Normally I spend this day celebrating with friends…their extended family with 6 adults and 10 children…all of whom I love dearly.  For some reason I felt I wanted a quiet Easter day.  I mentioned this to a single friend of mine over a week ago.  She said she also turned down an invitation by two different families this year; that she felt the same way.  So we decided we would have a quiet meal together today, conversation between two friends, a game of Scrabble while the Lamb, potatoes, and carrots roast in the oven.  Then we will watch a joyful happy movie…Happy Feet Two 🙂

I hope you all are having a beautiful, peaceful, happy, joyful , and blessed day.

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On Good Friday we remember that the son of God, Jesus Christ was scourged, and nailed to a cross to die for us.  He went through the excruciating pain and died that our sins be forgiven.

Last night the top part of the Bing cherry tree out front was cut down, and this morning the trunk of it was brought down.  It was sad, yet it had to be done.  Now the front of the house is more visible with the extra light.  So, we begin anew.

Here are some photos of it coming down.


Coming down by Ann Marquette

Top Gone by Ann Marquette

The Naked Trunk by Ann Marquette

Time for Body to Fall by Ann Marquette

All Gone by Ann Marquette

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It has been a lovely two days with sunshine, smiles, health, peace, joy, and friendship.

Although yesterday was one year since I put my house FOR SALE by owner sign up, and I was wondering if I should take it down or leave it up!  Hm!  Still don’t know, but I don’t feel moved to take it down…at least not yet!

I found out that the Cherry tree out front will be, among 10 others in this community, coming down this week.  They are way too big to be so close to the houses and will be replaced with something more appropriate.  I am glad because this tree causes a big mess out front for months.

Had the service come out and get two wasp nests down from high up front of the house.  I exercised and accomplished a few things before evening.  Then I met up with a friend for coffee at Starbucks.  Always a joy spending time with my friend.

The best part of these days are quiet time spent with God and in prayer.  And then the rest of the day turns out better.

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Daisies And Drops

Yes, it is the first day of April 2012 🙂

What a joyous way to begin April, a beautiful month of the year, this year beginning with Holy Week ~ Palm Sunday.  A week of sadness for Jesus’ death on the cross to pay for our sins, then His rising from death on Easter Sunday…joy, joy, joy.

Per my previous post, for me April is the month, the time of year when I love to begin anew…something.  What will it be this year?

One year ago tomorrow, April 2nd, I put my house FOR SALE BY OWNER sign out front.  There have been some lookers, a few who really liked it, but no offers yet.  Why should they, when they can spend the extra time, effort, frustration of buying a foreclosure or short sale for almost nothing!  My soul knows when the time is right it will sell.  Earthly reality is that our economy is still bad and the housing market still crappy.  So, I wonder if I should take the sign down and wait for, who knows how long, for the housing prices to return to more appropriate values so traditional sales will actually sell for more than what is owed to the mortgage company!  Or should I just leave the sign up, and pray for a miracle!!  After all, it is just the beginning of April.  What surprise blessings are in store this month?

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