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This is a great post by one of my favorite bloggers “teecee” and really spoke to my heart.  Enjoy…

The Ideal Friend!

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If I had a friend that would be there for me, just when I wanted, that would smile, precisely when I need a smile, that would hug me, the very moment I’ll seek a hug and would speak a word where all that matters is a word, Would I be happier?

If I had a friend that spurs me up to get things done, that offers a hand to ease the stress, that generates ideas to make things swift and that enlightens me on priorities, Would I be more productive?

If I had a friend that who would ensure that I eat the best meals, who would insist that I wear the best cloths, who would verify that I make the best choice and who would ascertain that I strike the best deals, Would I be more fulfilled?

If I had a friend that would show me what counts, that would teach me what matters, that would expose me to the vital and that would involve me in the crucial, Would I be more focused?

If I had a friend that would introduce me to great personalities, that would position me in spheres of influence, that would tell me about decision making and that would spend time with me on leadership issues, Would I be more relevant?

If I had a friend that would dance with me anytime I wanted, plead my case whenever I need representation, rescue me from tight situations and say the words that set me right wherever I’ve veered of track, would I be perfect?

I prefer to be exciting than to be excited, to help than to be helped, to smile than to be smiled at… the list is endless but I’m happier when I’m the reason that change came, I feel more productive when I inspire the motivation that gets things done, I’m more fulfiled when others are happy because of me, I am more focused when my action meets a need rather than just fulfilling an obligation, I consider relevance as having a worthy contribution and not just occupying a position or associating with the leadership and I’m perfect when I’m myself; expressing my thoughts, ideas and concepts without prejudice, compulsion or comparism. I’m unique and free. I better be that friend!

-Nnamonu Tochukwu. Teeceecounsel.

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