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It has been awhile… 🙂

Much has been going on, including family house sold and closed last week…yippee!  Another chapter of life closed, and I am ready for a new one.

The best part of last week was spending some good quality time with my brother, who I love very much.  On Friday we took a trip to Rockford, MI to see a cousin who mother cared about and wanted her to have a little something from her Trust.  We took her to lunch and presented her with the surprise.  That was fun for me and my brother.

After spending a little time walking around the quaint shops with our cousin, in the snow, we headed back in order to stop about half way to meet up with other cousins and one remaining aunt (92 years old) at a restaurant for dinner.  On the way there the snow had made the ground (not highway) and trees look like a winter wonderland.  On both sides of the highway it was mostly farmland with open land in between tree lines.  We happened to look to the right and experienced an amazing site…a herd of deer running from one tree line to the next; about 25-30 deer.  And immediately following was another herd; at least 50 in all.  It was a beautiful sight.

We…me and my brother, are so grateful for the sale of mother’s house, the good time spent together, and chance to see a few of our relatives.  Certainly joy to our hearts.

But…I really miss him.   I wish we didn’t live so far apart.


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