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I am grateful to Julie Catherine of http://juliecatherinevigna.wordpress.com for presenting me with the Genuine Blogger Award on January 19th.  She is an amazing, gifted writer and I suggest you check out her blog and follow her.

Thank you Julie Catherine for this wonderful award.  I truly appreciate your kindness.

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I think I need to change this year’s topic from Gratitude, Attitude, and Joy ~ to ~ GRATITUDE, JOY, AND ATTITUDE.  I realize that when I am grateful and joyful, my attitude is so positive.  

Yes it is seven days since last I wrote…shame on me J  To my defense; I was away for a few days…in the place of my special JOY.

Reedy River Water Fall - Autumn 2011 by Ann Marquette

I was in Greenville, SC where I attended a TEDxGreenville Salon (a monthly meeting).  The topic of this one was…

“The Wisdom of Youth”

Details: Who says our youth aren’t ready to take on the challenges and seize the opportunities of the 21st century? Come meet and learn from a roomful of “HeadStrong” 18-and-unders here in Greenville whose ideas and actions are already shaping our community and our world.

After listening to the teens that night I was filled with gratitude and joy for their bravery in stepping out of their box and walking into the path of their dreams…taking actions to make them happen.  They improved my attitude about teens and I feel very proud of them.  Thanks Ben Riddle for being a leader with your peers.  Great job, all of you.

The rest of my time in Greenville on this occasion was meeting up with friends, including meeting 2 of them face to face for the first time.  What a delight.  It seems each time I am there, my schedule gets busier, more like I am already living there.

Not only is Greenville HOME to me, but when there, I and filled with peace, energy, inspiration, motivation and a sense of endless possibilities.  I am grateful and joyful for God guiding me to this place where all these feelings/sensations improve my attitude to a much higher space.

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