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I love Friday the 13th  It has been a wonderful few days since I wrote last. Here are my latest GRATITUDES AND JOYS.

Monday the 9th…Actually on Friday the 6th my brother and I got an offer on mother’s house in Michigan. After a couple of counter offers back and forth we all agreed on one this past Monday the 9th. I am sure our gratitude and joy could be felt between us, from me here in Georgia all the way to him in Michigan and back. My brother signed the contract which was created by our agent and faxed to buyer’s agent.

Tuesday the 10th ~ through today. The contract was signed by the buyer, home inspection done and after reading the report the buyer accepted house as is. She then met with her mortgage representative and they have requested the appraisal to be done. Thank God everything is moving along wonderfully.

In the middle of all this great news is the blessing of many friends who are so happy for us, and continuing to pray for an easy breezy finish to this process and a successful closing.

A couple of days this week it was cloudy and raining. Instead of feeling down for lack of the bright sunshine, I changed my attitude to one of gratitude for the benefits of the rain; and imagined myself as the ray of sunshine because I am a child of God and loved by Him. Joy filled my heart.

I love hearing from others of blessings they have received. One of my friends who is fighting foreclosure got word this week from her bank that she is on a three-month trial period to paying on time the amount they have set, after which she signs some document she hopes will mean that her new lower payments are for the life of the mortgage. That will be awesome news for her and I trust she will be specially blessed. She is a good person and works hard to do the right things.

Another friend I heard from this week told me she and her husband finally got a buyer for their house in Florida, enough to cover what they owe on the mortgage.

The last few days have been freezing cold, and this morning there was snow flurries, so small it was more like a misty snow fall. It lasted about a half hour, and then the sun came out for the rest of the day. It was a blessed day, this Friday the 13th.

A special thank you to Julie Catherine whose blog post yesterday “Writing to Your Inner Tune” has inspired me to think about my own writing, and to look deep inside myself to write true to myself. Thanks Julie. Check out her post and follow this wonderful writer and artist. http://juliecatherinevigna.wordpress.com/2012/01/12/writing-to-your-inner-tune/?blogsub=confirmed#blog_subscription-2

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