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Yesterday (Sat. Jan. 8th)…It was wet and cloudy most of today. I could have let it make me feel low, but my attitude was

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gratitude for the rain and the quiet day.

I am grateful for a wonderful hairdresser who always gives me great cuts, including the one yesterday.

Someone close to me, kind of hurt my feelings, but I know the words, nor was the tone meant to hurt me. So, my attitude was “this feeling will pass.” 🙂 But, the circumstances got me thinking.

As there are major changes, for the good, going to come about in the somewhat near future I realize that with those changes will come some sadness. I know the sadness will pass as the joy and gratitude in the changes take over.

I feel underlying changes taking place within myself and others in my life. This has happened before prior to some major changes.

Overall it was a good day.

Today (Sun. Jan 9th)…Again it is rainy. Strange how the chemistry in many of us creates a less than happy feeling. It has been proven that gray cloudy days, not enough brighter light makes people sad. Today I tell myself that there is so much to be grateful for, including the benefit of the rain to nourish our earth and give us water, that my attitude is more one of joy today.

One of the special blessings today was sharing in the birthday celebrations of a friend with her family. Her Dad is also a good cook and great at making homemade soups.
Today was a yummy chicken soup. There was so much left over that each of his two daughters’ families were given leftovers to take home and some for me as well.
At 3pm today I had another bowl of that delicious soup and it actually made my spirit smile.

Tonight my Joy was meeting a good friend for dinner then coffee at Starbucks and a ramble through Barnes and Noble.

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