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The New Year is a time to start with a clean slate, a new journal to write in, an empty vase to fill, making new memories, and finding new joys in our lives.

I am grateful for the blessings of 2011.  In January 2011 I was told my heart is in perfect condition, “the heart of a teenager” according to the cardiologist.  I continued to work on making improvements in my life and experienced aha moments of those I accomplished.

Over the past year I have told most everyone I know that I blog, I share many, if not most, of my posts on Twitter and Facebook.  On a rare occasion I send a special post out through email to family and friends so they get it directly and don’t miss seeing it on Twitter or Facebook.   Some read it, some don’t; most of the comments and are from other bloggers.

There have been times I’ve considered not sharing my writings at all because I think no one really cares, or they don’t like what I write, or don’t like it enough to hit the Like button or leave a comment.

But then, out of the blue someone will write back and say how much something I wrote meant to them, and sometimes that it inspired or encouraged them.  So, each time I write and post something online I am stepping out of my comfort zone, allowing myself to be vulnerable, and hoping that maybe one person will enjoy what I wrote, or be inspired or encouraged by it.

So this year I am going to continue my blog post and hope to improve as I go along.  I am thinking of a special theme/subject to focus on this year.  Will decide soon J

In the meantime, I got no sleep last night as I was away from home helping others as a volunteer.  So I am very tired and cannot focus any more tonight

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