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Asking For Forgiveness
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It is a tough time for millions of Americans with the crummy economy and terrible housing market.  So many of us are looking for paying jobs and/or trying to sell a house for more than what we owe on them. 

 On top of that it is the holiday season…Christmas and the New Year.  Many people find this a sadder time because they are alone.  Many cannot buy gifts for their families, or friends…and can’t even afford to send cards.

 I’m hearing more people feeling really bad, and when getting into deeper conversation with them it turns out they have been very angry at others who hurt them in some way.

I asked if they could find it in their hearts to forgive those people.  They feel so strongly about the wrong done to them, they say there is no way they can forgive.  My heart breaks for them.

 There are many stories of people who have such anger and sometimes even hate for the offender, and they find themselves with troubled lives and health issues.  There are many stories of those who found it in their hearts to FORGIVE those who hurt them.  They may not forget what happened, but the FORGIVING and LETTING GO gave them peace within themselves.  They found their lives turned around for the better, including better health.

 Who are you angry with and why?  Find the courage, with love in your heart to forgive and let go. 


Wishing you peace and love within your heart and a very blessed and happy Christmas.


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