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I am grateful for the blessing of special quiet time with God.   

My Favorite Spot by Ann Marquette


I have a dream, which I believe God has placed in my heart.  It has been a long time already waiting for the right circumstances for the dream to be fulfilled.  In the meantime I pray I am walking the right steps to fulfill what I need to do while I am where I am, and prepare me for the time I can step into the path of my dream.

 There have been tough times before and He has brought me through each one with loving kindness.  Throughout the years He has also gifted me with wonderful surprises beyond my wildest dreams.  He has gifted me with special joys in my life.  When I struggle with the questions of when, what, and how…I remember that He is preparing the best for me and I look forward to His next surprise, His next blessed gift.

 Make a list of what brings you joy and post it somewhere you will see it often.  When times get you down, look at the list and remember those times.  Do what you can to help yourself, do your best, help others when you can; and leave the rest to God who loves you unconditionally.

P.S. Today I took my SUV in to Toyota for the oil and filter change.  The management had a Thanksgiving feast for all their employees.  After the staff ate, one of the managers came into the waiting room and invited those of us waiting on our vehicles to help ourselves to lunch 🙂  It was good and a nice unexpected treat.


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