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Little One and her companions are silent as they begin the next part of their journey.  Each is in their own thoughts of what has happened during this last part of their journey, and wondering what’s next.

It is still early morning and the sun has not been up long enough to warm the day.  Since it is still a wee bit cool Little One is wearing the long pants, a little t-shirt and the sweater Martha had given her.  She is not wearing the shoes because she loves the feel of the sand on her feet.

L’Uni walks alongside of Little One while their flying companions go on ahead, yet sometimes circle back as if to check on the others.

Little One is quiet in her own thoughts.  She feels sad having left Martha and Kelly, but knows it is time to move on.  Although she wonders what will happen next she decides she does not want to think about it…only take one day at a time.

She walks on slowly.  Sometimes shuffling her feet in the sand as she goes, occasionally walking backwards to see where she has come from.  Then she stops for a moment.  Although she no longer sees the place where Martha lives, she thinks about her, wondering how she is and what she is doing.  Maybe she is getting ready for her family to arrive for their visit.

As they continue along this stretch of beach, her friends are nearby, but quiet.  They know Little One has much on her mind and heart.  It has been a couple of hours since they left Martha and Kelly.  Little One notices a huge piece of driftwood on the beach near the water and decides to sit for a bit.  L’Uni, Angel Mary and their feathered friends rest nearby.

Little One is thanking God for the blessings in her life ….

After awhile Little One takes a snack from her back pack and eats with a smile in her heart for Martha’s gift.

Angel Mary decides now is a good time to talk to her about life in the world…how it is in this time, this century.  She wants to tell her about the upcoming holidays and what people do in the communities, the cities across America.

“Little One, I want to tell you about two special holidays coming up soon.”

Little One asks “What is a holiday?”

“Holidays are yearly celebrations of special events which happened long ago.  There are some which are only celebrated in some countries” Mary explains.

Little One looks confused, maybe just thoughtful.

“What is it Little One” Mary asks.

“What are countries?” asks Little One.

Mary laughs.  “Oh my dear child, you have much to learn.”

Little One’s face lights up with eyes big and bright, she says “I really like to learn new things and I like meeting new people.”

Mary smiles and continues.  “I have seen that about you.  Your experience with wild animals in your travels, I saw you unafraid when typically many of them can be dangerous to humans.  That will help you be more patient and understanding, and accepting of humans who may not be so nice.  And I’ve seen how you have been with other people.  Your openness and acceptance of others you have met, like L’Uni and her fairy friends will keep you believing in the unexpected.  Even when the time comes that you won’t see them or me anymore there will be quiet memories in the back of your mind.  You may not even remember what it is exactly, but there will be a special feeling inside you.  I know that is a gift from God you will always be thankful for.  That brings me to the special holidays coming up.

The first is Thanksgiving.   This began centuries ago, not only in America, but also in other countries.  It is for giving thanks to God for plentiful harvests.  It is a time to celebrate with family and friends over a meal together.  It has become a time to be grateful for more of God’s blessings, not only the food to nourish our bodies.  Many people give thanks for the wonderful people in their lives, for work they get paid for and the ability to pay the bills to support themselves and others, for their health, and whatever else they are grateful for.”

Little One has been listening with great interest and says “what a wonderful celebration.  I hope I will get to share that time with people some day.”

“Oh you will Little One,” replies Mary.  “You will have wonderful people come into your life, and have family of your own.  You will share your blessings with others, which in turn will give them even more to be thankful for.”

Mary continues the holiday stories.  “The next and most important holiday soon after Thanksgiving, is Christmas which is a celebration of the birth of Jesus.”  She tells Little One about God giving the world his son Jesus, and Jesus giving his life for us, and how Christmas traditions evolved, and now so commercialized.”

Little One replies “Maybe Thanksgiving is the time to thank God first for giving us Jesus, and then preparing for the real purpose of the Christmas celebration.”

“Yes” Mary says.  “I agree with you and wish everyone would feel that way.  Maybe one day that will come to pass.  You are very insightful, and that will do you well in this world.”

While Mary and Little One talk, L’Uni gets up and takes a short walk along the beach.

Little One says “I think L’Uni is ready for us to get going.”

Mary agrees.  “We can continue talking as we go.”

L’Uni sees Little One getting ready to go so she joins them.  Of course, eagle Tom and their Dove friends go with them, but from a distance.

As they go Mary continues telling Little One how people prepare for the upcoming holidays.  During the telling she also explains some details of things which Little One never heard of before.

“Most people in this country, America, traditionally have turkey and maybe ham, with various kinds of potatoes, vegetables, salad, and desserts.  Many people here come from other cultures in other countries, and they may prepare foods traditional to their country.

The meal time is a big part of both these celebrations.  Turkey is used most often on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Although Thanksgiving has not become commercialized since it is not a gift giving event, usually family and friends who enjoy time on this day at someone else’s home will bring a prepared dish or dessert to share.

Christmas has become overly commercialized because it is promoted by the stores to sell products for decorations and gifts.  Sadly people have gotten so they feel obligated to get gifts for so many others who are not friends or family.  Even within families people tend to spend more than they can afford which then causes them stress throughout the year trying to pay for it all.  Many feel they have to return the gesture when someone they did not plan on gives them a gift.

It would be so much nicer and more meaningful if people would make something as gifts to give.  Or they could create personalized gift cards for a service, something they know the other person would really appreciate.

In time many people have forgotten the true reason for the celebration of Christmas…the birth of Jesus.  They spend much of their time stressed about decorating, shopping for gifts, and if hosting on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, worrying about meal preparations and cleaning the house.

However, as many people have lost jobs, their homes, the ability to pay bills, and feed themselves there has been a shift in what some people now believe is truly important.

There is a trend toward remembering the true purpose of Christmas.  Many people are cutting back, making some of their gifts, simplifying their holiday plans, appreciating what they do have, especially their relationships with family and friends.

It is a lovely time when families and friends attend their church celebration of Jesus’ birthday, then at home sharing a meal and opening their gifts.”

Little One has been listening with much interest.  “It sounds like a lovely holiday; at least when remembering the purpose and keeping the celebrations simple.  I look forward to experiencing it some day.”

“Yes it is a wonderful and very special holiday” says Mary.

While Mary has been telling this story to Little One, Eagle Tom, and the doves Peace and Love have taken off on their own.  L’Uni is a little ahead of Little One and Mary.

It is now late afternoon. They decide to stop for a while.  They realize they seem to be coming to the end of this beach.  There are huge rocks up ahead.    They notice L’Uni walking around them.   So they follow her and find on the other side an opening.  They go in to see what is there.  It is a smallish cave.  The opening is big enough so the current location of the sun in the sky shines its light into the cave.  It is quiet and rather comfortable inside.

In one corner there is a tiny pool of water which comes from a small trickle out of a wee crack in the wall.   It is fresh water.  Little One realizes she is thirsty so she cups her hand to get the water which she drinks.  She steps into the little pool and feels the water is a comfortable temperature.  “Oh, this feels good.  And I can wash myself with the little cloth Martha put in my pack” she says.

Mary smiles and nods a yes as she says “I think this is where L’Uni plans for us to stay tonight.”

“I think so too” says Little One.  “It almost reminds me of the one we stayed in the last night before we started our new journey along the beach where we saw the three people who had been in an accident, and before we met Martha and Kelly.  It was a lovely cave.”

They know their feathered friends will join them again later.  So here they stay.  Little One has food to snack on and the water to drink.  They talk while they rest.

Now that the stars are out and Little One has grown tired it is time to sleep.

As she sleeps she has a magnificent dream about a Thanksgiving celebration and a Christmas with some wonderful people she has yet to meet.

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