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Inspired by this work of art by Michael Cox. 

Voices of Time by Michael Cox

There was a man and woman, each in their own worlds unknown to each other. Their lives had been filled with many blessings, and some troubled times.

Each found themselves in a space of solitude…a time for reflection, for grieving, for closing doors to the past, to cleansing their hearts and spirits.

One day they realized the dark clouds in their lives were breaking up and drifting off. They began to see God’s glorious sunlight peaking through and revealing a beautiful sight.

Each of them was living on opposite sides of a rocky landscape that circled a beautiful pool of water. Their homes were simple structures with only columns holding up the roofs. There were no walls. It seemed symbolic as they were tearing down the walls they had built around their hearts.

They woke one morning to the sound of birds singing and soaring overhead. They looked out to see two trees that had come alive with their white blossoms of spring.

So many times, up to this point, they had the feeling that someone special was nearby. On this morning, with the darkness gone, the light shining, the birds singing, they each stand and look across the pool of water and see there is someone on the other side.

At first there is surprise, then a few moments of trepidation. Then…there is the moment of recognition, a feeling of peaceful joy within, and excitement. They are eager to meet, to talk,
to walk together.

They both turn at the same time and see a structure similar to theirs on a lower portion of the rocky landscape which looks out over the ocean. There seems to be a light glowing from within.

At the same time, they each begin to descend the steps of their own space and take the journey through the rocky landscape to meet at the place by the ocean. Occasionally they stumble along the way, but eagerly continue in order to meet face to face.

They arrive at the same time, but having to ascend the structure’s steps at opposite sides. There is a small fire glowing inside, the flames very low but constant. They come closer, each reaching out a hand which they accept…quietly, in awe, and joy. As their hands touch, their hearts soar as if in flight. Yet, as they accept and hold each other’s hand they feel as if they have landed together safely, softly, securely.

No words are spoken yet. But, as they look out at the calm waters of the great ocean, they know in their hearts they are meant to be together…that this is just the beginning of their dreams. Their spirits soar with happiness beyond imagination, and thankfulness for…
God’s great gift of each other.

Written October 9, 2004


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