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Night sky with moon and clouds, in Thailand (f...

Night sky

Interesting to look back at some of my writings from a few years ago. Sometimes I wonder where my mind was then 🙂

I leave the world in my room to feel the soft fresh breeze of night, under the stars and in the light of the full moon. I walk the path through the trees and find my way to the water’s edge. There is an almost quiet flow of the river tonight. The reflection of the moon over the water creates a magical, peaceful, reflective mood. There is no one here but me and the night, and the trees whispering sweet nothings to the rippling river flowing by, and the fireflies flicker their messages to each other.

I am at peace with myself, and my thoughts scatter on the wind to flow through the universe. They call to you, to tell you that my heart is waiting patiently for you. They tell you that my arms are lonely for you, that I long to see your face, to hear your voice, to touch you. Yet, though I wish so deeply for you to be here by my side, to share our lives together, I know it will be worth the waiting.

Why is it the good things, happy times, magic moments come and go so quickly and the times in between seem so very long. I thank God for my nature friends to share these times with. What would I do without them.

I will walk a ways along the river’s edge, in the direction the river is flowing and imagine I am one with her, yet floating just barely above her soft cool water. I meld my soul with the river for a time, to understand, to feel. I spend some time this way.

Once back on land and resting against a great oak tree I feel refreshed and renewed. My tree holds me and enjoys the comfort of my peacefulness. I look up at the night sky with the stars twinkling, and watch the moon watching me.

June 22, 1996


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