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Interesting that today the WordPress topic suggestion is “Describe the perfect Sunday.”  I wrote this piece awhile back and reposting it here.  Enjoy…

My perfect Sunday would be…

A Peaceful Place by Ann Marquette

In the early morning as the sun peaks over the horizon I am sitting, either quietly with my Love on the large swing and rocking chair back porch looking out over a magical landscape with a cup of coffee. We listen to the sound of silence mingled with the occasional sound of nature which surrounds us. We thank God for this day, and all our blessings. What a beautiful morning.

After a light breakfast we take a long walk along the river. About half way we stop and sit in the swing under the big oak tree along the river’s edge. We hold hands as we listen to the water gently flowing over the rocks, and watch the people with their children and dogs enjoying the lovely day out. We talk about our latest creative projects, but mostly we just enjoy being together.
Eventually we let someone else enjoy the swing as we ramble on our way. Before returning home we stop at a lovely, quaint restaurant for some lunch.

Back home I settle in to do some writing while my imagination is bursting through the walls of my heart, and my Love catches up on some reading.

At some point I can smell something wonderful coming from the kitchen. My sweetheart had quietly gotten up and gone in to start one of his amazing creations for our dinner. He brings me a glass of wine, which he hands me after a gentle kiss. My heart skips a beat, or two, and my spirit jumps for joy. I smile and tell him thank you with kiss.

I finish what I am writing and join him in the kitchen where we talk while he finishes preparing our dinner. We have a lovely little table out back in a section of our magical landscape where we dine, on lovely nights like this with a couple of candles. It is so peaceful and beautiful. The dinner is so delicious, I can taste the love gone into the preparation.

To be with my love, the one God sent me, that special someone beyond anyone I could imagine; the one I love more than I could ever believe I could love someone makes my everyday perfect…not just my Sundays.

(c) January 26, 2011


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