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Early morning

Written July 28, 2005 and my dream is still pretty much the same 🙂

I wake shortly before dawn, to a brand new day, in my new life. I go to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. I can see the moon from the window and it is so beautiful.

While the coffee brews I go brush my teeth put on my slippers and robe… I’m quiet so my husband can sleep a little longer. He was up late working on his latest masterpiece. He creates the most wonderful works of art…and He has all the special qualities I always wanted in my soul mate. I love him so much.

I get my coffee and go out to the deck to watch the sunrise. I love the sound of the ocean, and watching it change as the sun rises. Soon I feel the gentle caress as my Love leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek and says “I’ll be right back Princess” as he goes to get his coffee.

Together we share this precious time of day as it comes alive with the sunrise. Once it is full light, it’s time to talk about our day’s schedules. He’s working on the illustrations for my first two books in the Little One series. My publisher is going to publish them in hardback with the illustrations…

My agent and publicist will arrive around 9am to discuss this project and my current schedule of book signings, speaking engagements, and the movie being made of my first book

Now My Love and I just sit together in quiet peacefulness for a while before we start our day’s work. I love this start to our days.

These are my dreams, the creative life I dream to live.  ***What is your most cherished dream?


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