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The Rouvre river

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This was written in 1996 as I listened to the beautiful, haunting sounds of Ixlandia composed and played by Jonn Serrie.  You can hear a taste of it now while you read how I was inspired by it… http://www.thousandstar.com/16901.html  click on the audio sample of this piece.  I edited the writing below to read as a slow, heartfelt poem.

The tears rain through my heart
softly as a Spring rain
on the windows of this castle world I live in.
My room is where I go
when I’m in need of renewing my spirit.
Just now my heart cries for you.
Loneliness fills my soul.

I listen to the rain outside
and inside my heart.
I watch the river flow by
out there beyond my room
and I imagine it carrying my sadness away.
As the rain refreshes our earth
my tears wash the pain from my heart
and makes me smile again.

In the depths of my soul
I know I will see you again someday.
The magic,
the beauty that was us…
for a few brief moments in time…
will one day become ours forever.
When you have done
all you need to do,
to find your true spirit…
When I am where I need to be…
Somewhere, sometime,
we will meet again
in a very special place.
We will then truly know each other
as we are meant to.

My hands and my heart
will reach out and touch you,
and hold you.
Your tears will flow with a joy
never known to you before.
You will know you are loved
far beyond the moon and stars,
and back again.

 My heart, my soul
wait for you…
and long for the day
we will be together, forever.
We will be together,
longer than forever.

May 28, 1996


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