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This coming Saturday our local recycling center will have a shredding truck available for free shredding.
I’m almost finished going through boxes of old files setting aside those to purge and shred. The rest is being re-organized.

Today I began going through all my writing files. It is fun to see some old writings, remember book signings, and read notes from readers of my writings especially my first book.

Among the files was a copy of another author’s poem which she wrote and dedicated to me in 2007. I was so surprised and honored. I read it again today and it warmed my heart. I decided to share the link to her page so you can read this poem “In the Palm of His Hand” by my friend Bernice Angoh. She is a wonderful writer and I recommend you read some of her other work as well. http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewpoetry.asp?AuthorID=67474&id=218065

Thank you Dear Bernice for your gift of words, and love in your heart.


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