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Interesting that today the WordPress topic suggestion is “Describe the perfect Sunday.”  I wrote this piece awhile back and reposting it here.  Enjoy…

My perfect Sunday would be…

A Peaceful Place by Ann Marquette

In the early morning as the sun peaks over the horizon I am sitting, either quietly with my Love on the large swing and rocking chair back porch looking out over a magical landscape with a cup of coffee. We listen to the sound of silence mingled with the occasional sound of nature which surrounds us. We thank God for this day, and all our blessings. What a beautiful morning.

After a light breakfast we take a long walk along the river. About half way we stop and sit in the swing under the big oak tree along the river’s edge. We hold hands as we listen to the water gently flowing over the rocks, and watch the people with their children and dogs enjoying the lovely day out. We talk about our latest creative projects, but mostly we just enjoy being together.
Eventually we let someone else enjoy the swing as we ramble on our way. Before returning home we stop at a lovely, quaint restaurant for some lunch.

Back home I settle in to do some writing while my imagination is bursting through the walls of my heart, and my Love catches up on some reading.

At some point I can smell something wonderful coming from the kitchen. My sweetheart had quietly gotten up and gone in to start one of his amazing creations for our dinner. He brings me a glass of wine, which he hands me after a gentle kiss. My heart skips a beat, or two, and my spirit jumps for joy. I smile and tell him thank you with kiss.

I finish what I am writing and join him in the kitchen where we talk while he finishes preparing our dinner. We have a lovely little table out back in a section of our magical landscape where we dine, on lovely nights like this with a couple of candles. It is so peaceful and beautiful. The dinner is so delicious, I can taste the love gone into the preparation.

To be with my love, the one God sent me, that special someone beyond anyone I could imagine; the one I love more than I could ever believe I could love someone makes my everyday perfect…not just my Sundays.

(c) January 26, 2011


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In a score or on a performer's music part, thi...

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You can learn more about Jonn and his music, including some sampling of his sounds on his website  http://www.thousandstar.com/index2.html

“Night Orchid” by Jonn Serrie inspired me to write…
A smoky, dusky café by the water’s edge
Evening time
Boats drifting quietly by
The soft sound of rippling water.

People sipping coffee or wine
Talking among themselves

A haunting sound in the background.

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Autumn Tree in Northern California

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Ah yes…the weather?

I wake just before the dawn.  Put on my slippers and robe.  I prepare a big mug of coffee.  I step outside the door…and it is a perfect cool morning.  The sun is not up yet, but I can see a clear sky.  It is so wonderful to enjoy the first cup of coffee and watching the day wake as the light comes up over the horizon.

My perfect all day weather is a clear, crisp, bright Fall day.  The leaves are changing colors, under a beautiful sunny sky with the occasional fluffy white clouds.  I take camera and go for a long leisurely drive, stopping wherever inspired to do so.

A perfect Autumn day…

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Today’s WP suggested topic…Revisit a topic you wrote about in January. 

W A T E R~~~~~~

Reedy River

Ah! I love the sounds of water.
A river flowing over rocks, before it falls over the edge into a waterfall as I sit in a nearby swing.
Ocean tides just kissing the beach or pounding waves crashing on land while I walk along the sandy beach.
Sounds of water lapping against boulders, bubbling streams or small running brooks.
The sound of rain on the window as I am curled up in a big chair reading a good book.

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Early morning

Written July 28, 2005 and my dream is still pretty much the same 🙂

I wake shortly before dawn, to a brand new day, in my new life. I go to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. I can see the moon from the window and it is so beautiful.

While the coffee brews I go brush my teeth put on my slippers and robe… I’m quiet so my husband can sleep a little longer. He was up late working on his latest masterpiece. He creates the most wonderful works of art…and He has all the special qualities I always wanted in my soul mate. I love him so much.

I get my coffee and go out to the deck to watch the sunrise. I love the sound of the ocean, and watching it change as the sun rises. Soon I feel the gentle caress as my Love leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek and says “I’ll be right back Princess” as he goes to get his coffee.

Together we share this precious time of day as it comes alive with the sunrise. Once it is full light, it’s time to talk about our day’s schedules. He’s working on the illustrations for my first two books in the Little One series. My publisher is going to publish them in hardback with the illustrations…

My agent and publicist will arrive around 9am to discuss this project and my current schedule of book signings, speaking engagements, and the movie being made of my first book

Now My Love and I just sit together in quiet peacefulness for a while before we start our day’s work. I love this start to our days.

These are my dreams, the creative life I dream to live.  ***What is your most cherished dream?

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This was written in 2004.  Not meant to be sad, but a lovely memory.  The artwork is shared with permission of artist Michael Cox.  Thank you my friend.

With permission of the artist Michael Cox


It is cold and desolate in this silent place
All alone in the moonlight

The stars are too far away in time and space
I cry out but no one hears, no one sees me
I’m all alone in the moonlight

I see your face as I see the moon ~
Clear and bright, then veiled by thin wisps of cloud,
And not at all when hidden behind dense clouds,
and then…You appear again clear and bright
For a few brief moments it feels warm and special,
In this silent place
Yet I am still alone in the moonlight.

Somewhere across space and time
We have met very long ago
Long before we found each other
And in this space and time
For a few brief moments,
I was not alone in the moonlight.

A special connection created an everlasting bond
And yet, as quickly we found each other, we had to part.
I am again alone in the moonlight.

©March 2004

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How many times have you heard that even giving someone a smile, a genuine smile, that it alone can brighten their day.  It does mine, and I hope that my smile can be a little crumb to nourish another’s heart

The wee little crumbs
The birds flock to them
They fight for them
Those crumbs are food
They nourish the winged creatures

The crumbs of our lives
A smile
A kind word
A thank you
A compliment
A moment of praise
Brief moments…

Nourishing crumbs of life
Feeding our spirits
Keeping us alive
Until the next one…

Copyright March 17, 2005

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The Rouvre river

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This was written in 1996 as I listened to the beautiful, haunting sounds of Ixlandia composed and played by Jonn Serrie.  You can hear a taste of it now while you read how I was inspired by it… http://www.thousandstar.com/16901.html  click on the audio sample of this piece.  I edited the writing below to read as a slow, heartfelt poem.

The tears rain through my heart
softly as a Spring rain
on the windows of this castle world I live in.
My room is where I go
when I’m in need of renewing my spirit.
Just now my heart cries for you.
Loneliness fills my soul.

I listen to the rain outside
and inside my heart.
I watch the river flow by
out there beyond my room
and I imagine it carrying my sadness away.
As the rain refreshes our earth
my tears wash the pain from my heart
and makes me smile again.

In the depths of my soul
I know I will see you again someday.
The magic,
the beauty that was us…
for a few brief moments in time…
will one day become ours forever.
When you have done
all you need to do,
to find your true spirit…
When I am where I need to be…
Somewhere, sometime,
we will meet again
in a very special place.
We will then truly know each other
as we are meant to.

My hands and my heart
will reach out and touch you,
and hold you.
Your tears will flow with a joy
never known to you before.
You will know you are loved
far beyond the moon and stars,
and back again.

 My heart, my soul
wait for you…
and long for the day
we will be together, forever.
We will be together,
longer than forever.

May 28, 1996

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It has been a great week. I am blessed that during this time of unemployment, in between looking for a job, I am able to help others, work on renewing my mind in the work of transformation. Life is good and I sense more changes, good changes on the way.

The last files I have been going through to purge old and unneeded papers are those of my writings, published book, photography, etc. I love the surprises, finding old inspired writings. They may not be Nobel Prize winning, but they still move me.

This one was probably written as I sat in a restaurant, maybe with beautiful music in the background.

Through the clanking cups and silver, the ringing cash register, the frothing machine and people talking ~ your sounds sooth me and wash through my soul to cleanse it from the stress of the day.

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This coming Saturday our local recycling center will have a shredding truck available for free shredding.
I’m almost finished going through boxes of old files setting aside those to purge and shred. The rest is being re-organized.

Today I began going through all my writing files. It is fun to see some old writings, remember book signings, and read notes from readers of my writings especially my first book.

Among the files was a copy of another author’s poem which she wrote and dedicated to me in 2007. I was so surprised and honored. I read it again today and it warmed my heart. I decided to share the link to her page so you can read this poem “In the Palm of His Hand” by my friend Bernice Angoh. She is a wonderful writer and I recommend you read some of her other work as well. http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewpoetry.asp?AuthorID=67474&id=218065

Thank you Dear Bernice for your gift of words, and love in your heart.

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Set your soul on fire…

This is how reaching up, reading, striving to be better, and how other writers can stir the fire in our souls to do better, AND how we can find at least one person who creates in us the desire to BE better, as a human being, a friend, companion, etc.

For years, a huge part of my life has been striving to be a better person, to shed the less than good parts of myself. It is a long and difficult journey to say the least. As I have grown in maturity, I have been blessed to meet many wonderful people in my life who have at least one special quality I’ve wanted to emulate.

Some of life’s experiences have forced me to be better, to do better. Those are the really tough lessons that make us stronger and better. I have been reading much the last several years or so, searching, getting inspired, learning something from each book read.

One book I purchased a few years ago was SHINE by Larry Thompson whose Project Rise & Shine is for people who want to truly SHINE by living the life using the gifts/talents God has given them. His book is partly a workbook, asking questions that make us look deep into ourselves, finding all the awesome things about ourselves many of us don’t remember or not aware of…like what is special about us, what is unique, what are the wonderful things we have accomplished in our lives. Powerful stuff to become aware of, be grateful for, and love about ourselves.

Then I read the book Fierce Conversations (Achieving Success at work and in life, one conversation at a time) by Susan Scott!!!!!!!!!! Wow! EXPLOSIVE…fierce and intense! From the beginning I was so inspired… My spirit, my soul cried out…’I want for all who encounter me for any reason, but especially those special close friends, family, business associates – I want to be a breath of fresh air, inspiration for hope, feeling peace, and to know they are loved.’

I want to be the very best I can be in every way, so that even in a small way I may encourage or inspire others who come into my life.

Written in 2005

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Night sky with moon and clouds, in Thailand (f...

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I wrote this in 1996.
Way out there in the Universe
in the dark blue sky
someone watches over us.

Wherever we are in the night
whether near or far apart
the eyes keep watch.

Whatever our mood, our emotions
be they sad, happy, lonely
the light from the watchful
brightens our nights.

I am here waiting, watching,
wondering where you are
hoping you are ready and looking for me.

Believing the light from above
will someday guide us
to the same path, to each others arms
keeps me at peace.

In the dark and lonely nights
I pray for you to find me
and wish on the stars above
for the Moon to Watch over us.

June 22, 1996

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You came into my life
A beautiful light
Shining for me to see
Lighting my path

The flame of new joy,
More smiles, laughter, and love
The joy of new friendship,
New opportunities to grow

And with your light
My Jesus and Holy Spirit
You bring others
To share my life
Gifting me
With the blessings
Of their spirits
Please guide me
To be a blessing to them

Thank you, Light of my Life.

Copyright January 3, 2010

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I have discovered an art form, which I never thought of as being a work of art. Through the years I have learned to appreciate a variety of art forms. There is art to satisfy the senses, and affect the emotions. The visual arts such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs can stimulate our emotions by their beauty, or subject matter. Music can touch our hearts, make us happy or sad, and move us to dance.

Stage plays, movies, documentaries, etc. can affect all our emotions in various degrees and combines two or more of our senses. Excellent cooks are artists, and not just in deliciously satisfying our taste buds. They may also create a vision of beauty in the way they arrange the food on the plate, and the setting in which it is served.

Some people are artists in more than one medium. Most artists excel in only one. However, there is one form of art in which every single person on earth could be really good at…that is the Art of Friendship. Yes, it is true …a really good relationship, of any kind, is a work of art. Just like a painting, a sculpture, a musical concerto, a poem, a beautiful story…it takes time, a lot of care, imagination, devotion, and love to make it a work of art.

The most beautiful and powerful art form in a human relationship is that of two people who are true soul mates, who complement each other (who balance each other), are best friends and lovers. They are two people who are mutually respectful, faithful, caring and loving. Two people who truly like and value each other. Together they are even better as one. The beauty and magic of this rare kind of relationship is so powerful as to affect others around them…creating peace, harmony and more love. This is a Unique and Ultimate Art, which we all should work toward and know we are very blessed when we attain it.

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Remembering a dear friend I am reposting this, which I wrote for my friend Terri who passed away in 2006…

I didn’t know you well
I didn’t know you long
But, you became a friend
And, you inspired me

Your kindness and caring
Even through your pain
Your strength, courage, and faith
Amazed and inspired me

Your sweet nagging
To keep writing
To finish the next book
Made my heart smile
You inspired me

I miss you Sweet Lady
Yet you are always
A part of me
In my heart
A beautiful memory
My Inspiration Angel

© December 11, 2006

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