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Sundays for me are to be kept for quiet, peaceful times.  I spend time first in prayer, then the rest
of the day is mostly dedicated to writing or anything to do with my writing
i.e. research in whatever manner moves me.

This morning I was moved to watch Sunday Morning with Charles
Osgood.  One special report about the
rock band JOURNEY and their 30 year – so far – hit “Don’t Stop Believin.”  I
would say my life has probably  been based
on continuing to BELIEVE, even when
I didn’t realize at times that believing was part of my DNA.

Another favorite reminder is the theme song from the film The
Polar Express, BELIEVE written by Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri, and sung by
Josh Groban.

Some years ago while enjoying one of the art festivals in
Greenville, SC I found this metal heart creation which I placed on the wall
above my desk  in my living room.  A constant reminder with heart.


Believe - photo by Ann Marquette


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