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What an exciting day today.

Baby Dove Kiss by Ann Marquette

This morning I was out front planting a new plant I picked up at Home Depot yesterday.
I heard some cooing back and forth by the mommy dove (I believe it was the mommy on duty), and the daddy apparently in another tree nearby. All of a sudden I heard some swooshing and looked up to see mommy fly off and daddy take over the parental duties. I knew there were some babies in the nest which I finally saw this morning and got a few photos. The difficulty getting photos makes it hard to get really good clear ones, but I do my best. Most taken through window from inside the house so birds coloring not so perfect.

Two Baby Doves with Mom by Ann Marquette

This afternoon I looked up to see the daddy take off and leave the babies all alone. So I went upstairs with the camera so I could check out the nest. I could see babies in there and it looked like there might be 3 because it looks like three bodies laying side by side! However, I believe doves only have 2 at a time.

Babies alone asleep? by Ann Marquette

About an hour or so later one of the parents came back with food for the little ones. Of course, I had to get more photos. This time they were situated enough that I could see them to get photos standing on my porch.

Awe! by Ann Marquette

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