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Ok, I took last night off:-)

As I was watering the plants on my porch last night a little green frog jumped out of one of them.  It hopped over the porch and up one of the posts.  Strange I have never seen any frog around my house, especially not on any part of it.  And then this afternoon I see this one hugging the edge of my patio screen door.

Little Green Frog by Ann Marquette

I also got another picture of the morning dove in the nest as she/he looked in my direction and the leaves were parted enough for me to see.  Earlier last week I was getting worried thinking that the bird was never getting food or water.  So I Goggled morning doves and read up about them.  Apparently the female stays in the nest half of the day, and the male takes over the other half of the day.  So I don’t know which I am taking photos of 🙂


My Morning Dove by Ann Marquette



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