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No not the Empire State Building
That was ok
For Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan
But not for me
The place to meet my love

Find me on the swing
Under the big tree
Next to the flowing Reedy River
Just below the Main Street Bridge
In the evening near sunset
Come sit with me
Take my hand in yours
Seal our love with a kiss

See you there…

Copyright June 22, 2008

My photo of swing under tree next to the Reedy River downtown Greenville, SC


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This is almost hilarious…today’s suggested topic from Word Press. This is beyond timely for me since I found THE place where I feel at HOME 4-5 years ago.

I need my house to sell for more than I owe and have enough cash (about $6,000) to make the relocation to another state possible. A few years ago I found THE place which keeps calling me HOME. I have been unable to sell my house even when I had it listed with an agent. With the current housing market I cannot afford to pay an agent so I will sell it on my own. I know it is a yukky housing market, but when the time is right it will happen.

I don’t want to rent because I want a clean break from it, and renting would not give me the money I need to move. I don’t want to be a landlord. My goal is starting the rest of my life over fresh and clean and new.

My heart aches for the years I have waited, and now continue waiting to be able to move to the place – not where I am originally from – but, the place I found which keeps calling me HOME.

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There are now copies of my book at the Greenville, SC book store FICTION ADDICTION http://www.fiction-addiction.com/ on Woodruff Road.  Thank you Jill Hendrix, Owner.  Special thanks to two of my friends, Wendy Morris and Richard Peck for suggesting I contact Jill. 

Little One~End of Journey Alone (current book cover)

LITTLE ONE has already been on an incredible journey.  She is about to meet someone really special, who will introduce her to a very unique creature.  The three of them will begin a new adventure together.

This new journey will take Little One to a place, the likes of which she has never seen before.  It is a place of beauty, a place of dreams.  It is a place where she will rest, and find out why she has been alone.  It is a place where she will meet characters that most people don’t even believe exist.  These new friends will help Little One prepare for the beginning of another journey.  A few of her new friends will join her on the next journey.

Come share with me the journey and adventures of Little One and her friends…

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Sundays for me are to be kept for quiet, peaceful times.  I spend time first in prayer, then the rest
of the day is mostly dedicated to writing or anything to do with my writing
i.e. research in whatever manner moves me.

This morning I was moved to watch Sunday Morning with Charles
Osgood.  One special report about the
rock band JOURNEY and their 30 year – so far – hit “Don’t Stop Believin.”  I
would say my life has probably  been based
on continuing to BELIEVE, even when
I didn’t realize at times that believing was part of my DNA.

Another favorite reminder is the theme song from the film The
Polar Express, BELIEVE written by Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri, and sung by
Josh Groban.

Some years ago while enjoying one of the art festivals in
Greenville, SC I found this metal heart creation which I placed on the wall
above my desk  in my living room.  A constant reminder with heart.


Believe - photo by Ann Marquette

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I love this gift God has blessed me with later in my life.  It all began while living in Ireland.  I don’t remember which of these came first, and not sure it matters.

One day I started writing the story of my life!  Of course, I don’t think I was going to write it for anyone else to read it.  Anyway, after struggling with it and feeling the pain of some of the memories I decided not to go on.  I wasn’t sure of the point of it anyway.  Hummmmm!  Why would anyone want to read it.

I read the book “The Neverending Story” by Michael Ende  and it is my favorite story to this day.  The book is so much better than the movies.  I read it five times within a couple of months and each time noticed something new.  In addition to the amazing details I love the many underlying positive messages.

I read the information about Michael Ende.  He wrote it for children, but it became so popular with all ages that it was published in many languages and reprinted several times.  I thought “what an amazing legacy to leave behind.”  I began to think about my life and not only did I have no children, but had not done anything of value with my life.

One morning, after my then husband left for work, a story began filling up my brain to overflowing.  I had to sit down with pen and paper, and wrote all day.  I couldn’t stop.  My imagination took me to other places, different ways the story could be told other than as a published book.  At that time I don’t think I actually imagined it would ever be published.  Another great gift was the day, several years later, when I held my published book in my hands.


Little One book cover (property of Ann Marquette)

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Vector image of two human figures with hands i...

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A story a few years ago about being connected got me thinking. These are my thoughts, observations, and feelings about being connected.

When I was a child in Michigan people came and went in each others homes. Neighbors knew each other, spent time with each other, kept an eye on each others children and it was acceptable to discipline someone else’s child. These days there are rare places where people feel safe leaving their doors unlocked. Most parents don’t want their children corrected by someone else even if it means their safety. Neighbors rarely even know each others names let alone have any conversation or socializing,

Many people, maybe even most, have built up walls, invisible boundaries around themselves even within their friendships. Some people are open to their friends just dropping by to say hello, maybe have a cup of coffee and chat, but those friends never have the time, or more likely don’t take the time for such visits. Everyone is too busy with busy stuff these days to truly nurture their relationships with family and friends. Now people are wrapped up in their own worlds. Mind you, I am not talking about people who I know have REALLY busy lives, especially if they have lots of children. The other problem is, we get so tired and stressed with things we have to deal with in this life that we relish quiet down time.

So, how do we connect at all these days? Who do we connect with…and why? I read a piece where the author talked about connecting, being “connected.” He talked about the human need to be connected, even if only through the internet! I am going to say “Oh yes.”

Isn’t it interesting that I use the word “talk” when referring to an editor’s article about being connected? But isn’t that what it’s about? Connecting is a conversation between people…whether it is speaking with your mouth, or via the written words.

For many people, the internet – emails, instant messaging, blogs, and tweets are the main sources for shut-ins, lonely singles (old and young), people who just want to “be connected” somehow. It is also huge among those who are married. Many parents connect with other parents about issues with children, finances, entertainment, house remodeling, cooking, etc. The list goes on and on.

I can only truly speak for myself here, my thoughts and feelings about the desire to be connected.

I love to socialize, to communicate with others, to be connected. However, I am also joyful in drawing wonderful people into my life, and having the ability to let go of anyone who is negative, who has any tendency to make me feel less than joyful. I have been truly blessed, especially in the last few years to have many joyful spirits come into my life…whether temporarily or on a more permanent basis.

The greatest joy of each city I have lived in during my life, so far, are the relationships I’ve made. Even though I don’t live in those cities any longer, the friendships have held. Some of the communications may be scattered throughout the year, and a few may only be at Christmas and birthdays with updates on our lives…but they remain true.

Thank God for those who created the internet, for email, which allows friends, family, and acquaintances to keep in touch and up-to-date with each other.

My computer does not shout “you’ve got mail,” but you can be sure I love the sound it does make when one arrives in my IN box. Sad part of this is that we communicate with our nearby friends more by email that getting up off our behinds and walking down the street, or take a drive to meet each other someplace to have a face to face conversation. Yet, at least through the technology of our cell phones and computers it helps us to feel we are not alone. I think that is why so many people are constantly on their cell phones, so they can feel connected.

I found a small city in South Carolina, which is a perfect day trip from where I live, and not only does it have a beautiful small town feel to its downtown area, with a river running through it and a park at the river below the falls, but it has the consistently friendliest people to strangers I have ever met. It is a place I can go to walk, sit by the river and its little water fall, stop to visit a few friends I’ve made, get a coffee or bite to eat, be at peace and whether in conversation with someone or not I feel connected.

The greatest constant unconditional connection I do have is my relationship with God. He is always there to listen and he connects with me all day, everyday, through a variety of ways…the refreshing raindrops that touch me when it rains, the sun warming me and giving me light, a smile from someone, the sound of the birds singing, a waterfall, and so much more.

Being connected is important to all of us…may you all be blessed with an open heart, to being truly connected.

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Dedicated to all who have been, are, and will be a part of my patchwork life.
What an amazing life
Like a beautiful patchwork quilt
Various shades of colors
A variety of designs~

Family, friends, acquaintances
Some famous personalities
Some only whispers
Some a passing breeze
Some who stay forever,
In this life and beyond~

Traumatic painful times
Soft and quiet hours
And oh yes…
Miraculous, magical moments
Peaceful, wonderfully loving moments~

The most beautiful patches
Not just the special people
Happy times
Magic moments…
But, every single one
Sewn together
To match, blend, highlight, contrast
Every Blessed piece
Make up this…
Wonderful patchwork life of mine~

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Those of you who followed the story of the Mourning Doves in the tree outside my front door, and the babies.

Mom with 2 Babies by Ann Marquette

Before I went on my trip to Greenville last week I saw one of the young ones flapping its wings.  But I never saw either of the babies flying out of the nest.

Sadly when I got back on Thursday night the family was gone…and double checking since…they are gone, leaving an empty nest.

The Empty Nest by Ann Marquette

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Guardian angels made from frankincense
Image via Wikipedia

I wrote this in 2001, but I am now dedicating it to everyone who is struggling in their lives and a reminder to remember those in your life or have passed through your life, who supported and encouraged you even in the smallest way.  Be grateful God put them in your life, even if briefly.

You are one of my Angels
You have given me love and support,
and a helping hand when I was healing
from my broken bones.

You are loving, even when my heart
and I are closed for repair & renewal.

You were with me, even if only in spirit,
to celebrate my new home and share in the Blessing.

No matter where our lives take us,
whether nearby or far apart,
Your Angel Spirit will always remain
a part of me, of my life, of my heart.

I pray God shines His light on you
and showers you with Blessings
beyond measure.

© April 1, 2001

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I was in Greenville, SC .  It had been three months since my last visit…thanks to the exorbitant cost of gas. Not having a job means I have to be very frugal. I used to take a day trip, maybe every month or six weeks and the occasional weekend for special festivals. It will probably be another few months before I can get there again 😦

Reedy River and Falls - Greenville by Ann Marquette

Had a great time spending quality time with various friends and attending a special event on Wednesday where we watched the live feed of a TEDGlobal 2011 event http://conferences.ted.com/TEDGlobal2011/program/guide.php in Scotland. Enjoyable as usual.

When I arrived back late last night it was too dark to see if the doves were still in the nest. But in the light of day, nothing.  I am guessing the babies flew away while I was gone.

See baby between the leaves

See baby dove through the leaves by Ann Marquette

This is another one taken before leaving on my trip.

Daddy and one baby's butt by Ann Marquette

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What an exciting day today.

Baby Dove Kiss by Ann Marquette

This morning I was out front planting a new plant I picked up at Home Depot yesterday.
I heard some cooing back and forth by the mommy dove (I believe it was the mommy on duty), and the daddy apparently in another tree nearby. All of a sudden I heard some swooshing and looked up to see mommy fly off and daddy take over the parental duties. I knew there were some babies in the nest which I finally saw this morning and got a few photos. The difficulty getting photos makes it hard to get really good clear ones, but I do my best. Most taken through window from inside the house so birds coloring not so perfect.

Two Baby Doves with Mom by Ann Marquette

This afternoon I looked up to see the daddy take off and leave the babies all alone. So I went upstairs with the camera so I could check out the nest. I could see babies in there and it looked like there might be 3 because it looks like three bodies laying side by side! However, I believe doves only have 2 at a time.

Babies alone asleep? by Ann Marquette

About an hour or so later one of the parents came back with food for the little ones. Of course, I had to get more photos. This time they were situated enough that I could see them to get photos standing on my porch.

Awe! by Ann Marquette

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I looked up
Such a beautiful sight
A huge orange ball
The evening sun
An amazing background
Like a blue ocean
And there it was
Only one long stretch
The white soft fluffy vision
My island in the sky

I could see
Happy people
Prancing unicorns
Fairies and hummingbirds
Puppies and kittens
Flowers and trees
A waterfall and rainbow

Such a beautiful
Happy place
My Island in the Sky

Copyright June 5, 2008

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Who I AM
Through all and because of
All I have done
All I have seen
All I have experienced

Who I AM
For what I have said
And did not say
For what I have heard
And not heard

Who I AM
Because of all of you
All who have been in my life
Because of all the love
And no love

Who I AM
Because God made me
Because God loves me…unconditionally
Because, I AM…
A child of God

Copyright May 29, 2006

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A Fourth of July fireworks display at the Wash...

Image via Wikipedia

On this first July 4th since starting this blog last September 2010, I wish you all a happy and safe 4th.  Most of all I thank all our service men and women, and your families for the sacrifices you have and continue to make in order for us to be free.

I always enjoy watching A Capitol Fourth celebrations with great entertainment and the fabulous fireworks…via the television in my living room 🙂

This year continues to be difficult for so many of our citizens who have lost their homes, or fear losing them, struggle financially and continue looking for work.  However, from the beginning of this year 2011 I frequently hear good news for many…either a new job, a surprise gift of money to help them out, a child getting a scholarship to college, and sometimes just remembering how grateful they are for their blessings.  It is so joyful to hear good news for others.

So I celebrate all the good news blessings the first half of the year, and enjoy the excitement as I wait for all the blessings the rest of the year.

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Ok, I took last night off:-)

As I was watering the plants on my porch last night a little green frog jumped out of one of them.  It hopped over the porch and up one of the posts.  Strange I have never seen any frog around my house, especially not on any part of it.  And then this afternoon I see this one hugging the edge of my patio screen door.

Little Green Frog by Ann Marquette

I also got another picture of the morning dove in the nest as she/he looked in my direction and the leaves were parted enough for me to see.  Earlier last week I was getting worried thinking that the bird was never getting food or water.  So I Goggled morning doves and read up about them.  Apparently the female stays in the nest half of the day, and the male takes over the other half of the day.  So I don’t know which I am taking photos of 🙂


My Morning Dove by Ann Marquette


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