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This was written as a wedding gift to friends of mine several years ago.

We danced through our lives
to different tunes, different steps.

We searched for a long time for someone
special, our one true love, to share our lives.

The paths we walked were varied, sometimes
far and wide, at times close and parallel to each other,
without our knowing. Until one day…

Our paths crossed and we met. We began a shared dance,
sometimes together sometimes separately,
but always back together again.

Our hearts, our souls, heard the same music, the same tune.
We found we could no longer dance through our lives
without each other.

Our steps may not always match, and times may find us
stumbling over or against each other.
But, our souls will always hear the same heartbeat,
the same music.

Our love, and God’s love in us, will keep us
dancing the same path the rest of our days.

In community with our Families and Friends,
with God’s grace and blessings,
we share this our Wedding Day,
Our Dance of Love.

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