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Recently it was time to take my old laptop to the local Recycle Station.
I knew I needed to strip the hard drive clean to make sure there could be no trace of anything.
Mind you, I didn’t and don’t have any bad stuff on any computer. I still feel it safer to make sure the hard drive is useless to anyone. My brother suggested I scratch/bend/dent the hard drive.

I figured out where the hard drive was located on the laptop and unscrewed what I thought was the cover. It turned out that the black cover was attached to the other side of a steel box. I could not see what I figured was the actual hard drive itself. I thought the only way to destroy it was with a hammer as the only thing I notice which looked like tiny screws on top were not screws. I tried to pulverize it with the hammer. No luck. It only put dents in the steel casing. I asked a friend what he thought and he said he would bring over a sledge-hammer 
Before he could come over I got more determined to figure this out myself. Looking at it again, turning it around in my hands I finally noticed tiny Phillips head screws. Since I have a precision screwdriver set I got it out and found the right size driver. After taking out the screws I was able to take the steel cover off…and, lo and behold there was a paper-thin green metal piece attached to the inside of the base…the actual hard drive.

I knew I could deal with that bad boy. I went to my tool box and got out the long nose pliers and began my DEMOLITION DERBY. And here is proof that I AM THE TERMINATOR.

I AM the Terminator by Ann Marquette

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