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Moonlight becomes you
Moonlight becomes you

Another beautiful day of sunshine
Another lovely moonlit night

I feel like fine aged wine
Beside my loving Knight

Copyright 6/30/2010

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A carnival glass vase.

Empty Vase

I give it all to you, Lord Jesus
This mind
This soul
This heart
The spirit within
I am letting go

Letting it all go
All the muddled thoughts
All the mixed emotions
All the confused feelings
Too much, too many
Have scarred the very essence
Of this being

I give to you
This empty vessel
This blank slate
For you to make it new
For you to fill it up
Fill it to overflowing
With Your goodness
Your grace
Your light
Your love

Write what you will
On this blank slate
That is me
Waiting to be cleansed
And renewed
With Your Spirit, Lord Jesus

Copyright October 24, 2008

Blank Sheet of Paper

Image by mark78_xp via Flickr

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Where has it gone
My inspiration
Where are they now
The words

It’s like the heart
The soul and spirit
Have been put to rest
Gone into hibernation

Holy Spirit stir my being
From this slumber awaken me
Fill my heart with song
My soul with your love

Infuse my spirit
With your inspiration
Guide my hand
In the writing of the words

May the writings shared
Encourage and inspire
Bring joy and cleansing tears
Healing to mind, heart, and spirit.

Copyright 6/24/2010

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This is a good one for this time of year with the heat!  So, I found one I took in Greenville, SC…definitely refreshing, at least for the child enjoying the fall.

Under the Waterfall by Ann Marquette

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Some months ago as many of us arrived at friends to celebrate another birthday we saw this owl sitting on a cooler on their front porch.  It sat there for hours.  The friends who lived there said they believe they saw it walking slowly around the yard the day before.  We figured it was hurt.  They tried to call a couple of places such as critter control and wildlife department. Could not get any satisfaction from anyone.  They were going to try to call again the next day, but the owl was gone by the time we left.

The Owl by Ann Marquette

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I hope this will be a little light for Trey who is going through a rough time right now.

Each new day ~ even if it is raining
I wish you to see sunshine and flowers

Every night ~ even if cloudy skies
I wish you see only star light and moon glow

Each day ~ especially if you feel down
I wish you a special visitor
A humming-bird, a butterfly to make your
Heart Smile

Anytime ~ if you feel alone
I wish you the unmistakable feeling
Of a hug from Jesus

Always I wish you unlimited Heart Smiles

Copyright April 3, 2011

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When you look into my eyes
I see heaven in yours
I see your unconditional love
I see your joy in me
Your eyes are like the brightest Stars in the heavens

God guided us to each other, to this path
On the way to heaven
We are meant to love each other

I feel heaven in your heart
And it is in mine
What amazing joy we are
In each others eyes, each others arms,
And in our hearts

I have longed to touch your face
To hold your hand
For now, this is an illusive longing
And I feel the passion yet to be shared

Someday, if it is meant to be…
I will say ~
Welcome to Heaven, My Love~

© June 17, 2005

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A few weeks ago I posted about the robin building a nest in the tree out front, in the branches just above the sidewalk leading to my porch. I watched her as she selected all the pieces and flew up into it placing each piece just where she wanted them. Then I didn’t see her for a very long time.

The Nest

In the last couple days I noticed movement in the nest, but I could never see clearly because of the other branches with their leaves in the way, except the occasional breeze which moved the limbs for a brief half second.

Yesterday and today I tried to capture brief glimpses. Not an easy task, even from the upstairs window.
This afternoon I downloaded the photos to trash the worst ones and see whatever I could see.
Surprisingly the bird I saw in these photos does not look like a robin. I emailed them to my friend, Michael, the Bird Whisperer to see what he thought, with what little we can see. He said it looks like a morning dove, and I agree. And he explained “that happens a lot….also sometimes different birds will use a nest after it has already been used previously by a different species of bird too…..:-) I guess some of them would rather just move in….then have to build from scratch…:-)

Bird In the Nest

Another view of a bird in the nest, which looks like another bird, maybe?

A different bird also in nest?

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Today I was working on book two about the journeys and adventures of Little One. One scene reminded me of Michael Cox who is a bird whisperer http://www.thebirdwhisperer.org and caregiver. So I decided to share this section of Little One’s story.

Martha notices the eagle and doves, pretty much hanging around and wonders out loud, “Little One, have you noticed the same birds staying around here?”

“Sure” says Little One “they are my friends. The eagle is Tom and the doves are called Peace and Love. Would you like to meet them?”

Martha’s face lights up and she says “yes, I would.”

Little One calls out “Tom, Peace and Love, would you come meet Martha.” The three birds come and land right next to Martha. Kelly stays where he is totally accepting these new visitors. Martha is so delighted, but calm, as she does not want to scare them away. Little One sensing Martha’s desire to touch these beautiful birds tells her “it is ok if you want to touch them. They won’t mind.”

Martha slowly reaches out to Tom and gently, strokes his head, down his back. Tom slowly opens his left wing and lets Martha stroke it. She is mesmerized by this event in her life. Martha has always loved all kinds of animals including those not domesticated by humans. She often wished she could touch some of them. She use to have a red squirrel that would come to her door each spring and scratch to be let in, and it would eat out of her hand, and leave when it was time.

“Thank you Tom” says Martha. Tom looking at Martha almost seems to nod in acceptance.

Martha opens her left hand to the doves and Love responds by walking over and into Martha’s hand and rests there. Peace follows and rests in Martha’s lap. Martha takes turns stroking each dove and speaks to them softly, and thanks them for the gift of allowing her this closeness with them. Love then moves to lie beside Peace in Martha’s lap for a while.

Martha tells Little One of her friendship with the squirrel for many years and what a joy this is to be friendly with others of God’s creatures. Martha says to Little One “You are very lucky, very blessed Little One to have friends such as this.”

“Yes” says Little One. “They are very special and I am so glad they have come into my life.”

Martha is a very kind and gracious old lady. She has seen much in her life, and learned in her later years to be more open and take more risks. And though she always respects the privacy of others she decides she has to ask Little One, “how did you become friends with these beautiful birds?”

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let go
Image by her wings via Flickr

The first words I think of are pride, fear, hurt, anger, lack of courage.  Either one or more could be reason(s) for anyone to find it hard to forgive.  It is especially hard to forgive someone face to face.  Whether we do it in person, by letter, or deep within our heart,  it is important to forgive, not for the other person’s sake, but for our own.  It is important that we forgive with love in our heart, and once we do then we must also LET GO of any and all negative feelings about the issue.  It is amazing how free and peaceful it is after forgiving and Letting Go ~~

Time For Letting Go
by Ann Marquette

Anytime is a great time to give this gift, not only to the other person(s), but also to ourselves. Time for healing.

One of the most painful things we have to do in our lives is Letting Go.

Sometimes it is Letting Go of things…material things which mean a lot to us, because of sentimental value.

It may mean Letting Go of feelings. When we hold sadness inside, and try to mask it with only a show of happiness, it is better to feel the sadness so it washes through us then Let it Go. A good cry can be cleansing.

One of the best things to do in our lives is Letting Go of anger and hurt caused by others. We need to find it in our hearts to forgive lovingly. The anger and hurt we hold inside only poisons us, and causes us to allow that person or persons to control our feelings. I have heard of people who have been hurt far worse than I could ever imagine, yet they found it in their hearts to forgive, with love, and let go. They found freedom within that allowed them to soar like an eagle. I have found peace by forgiving others who have hurt me, and I pray they have found peace within themselves.

Sometimes, we have to let go of someone we care for very deeply when we realize that person does not care for us in the same way. Maybe it is best to leave them remembering us with whatever kind of feeling they do have for us. It may not be possible to hide our own deeper feelings for that person, which could make their life uncomfortable. Letting Go may be the best gift we can give them because they may realize how we feel, yet care enough not to want to hurt us.

Even when we know a relationship is not right, on both sides, or one person has a doubt about it, it is hard to let go of something that seems secure. We often accept less than the best because we can’t bear to let go.

There are occasions when we feel something wonderful for someone, but we don’t express it for fear of being rejected. Sometimes our feelings will be rejected. Yet, what if we withhold it from the one person who could very well be that One Special Someone in our lives and they too have been afraid to express their true feelings, or don’t even realize their true feelings yet! How sad that we may miss The Best for fear of Letting Go of the expression of those feelings.

Whatever the reason, or situation, it is never easy Letting Go.

©December 19, 2007

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