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As my regular readers will know, I have a resident in my tree out front…a Robin which built her nest in a branch which is hanging over the path walk up to my front porch.

Robin in her nest by Ann Marquette

This morning I saw two Robins, a male Cardinal, AND a squirrel walking around out front under the tree. All of them were together within a 5 foot radius. They were eating berries which had fallen from the Bing Cherry tree. Wish I could have gotten my camera quick enough to capture the scene.

A friend of mine has a little plot in a community garden and she had some extra sweet potato and onion plants left. She met me this morning to give them to me to plant. So, off I went to Home Depot to get some pots and potting soil so I could get them planted. Here they are…

Veg Plants by Ann Marquette

I had to wait until tonight to water them. I will try to remember to take updated photos in a week or so.

All the years I have been here I have not had any birds build a nest in the tree, nor have I planted any vegetables. Interesting Year 2011.

Have you had anything interesting happen this year, or done anything new? I would love to read your stories.


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