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This was written by me and edited by my friend Doreen Cox. Thank you Doreen.

“When is this madness going to stop?”

The obsession with GREED and wanting everything NOW has created the volatile situation in which we live in America. News reports of unethical politicians and corporate executives abound where vulnerable people were targeted for personal gain.

And the beat goes on…

“A rapid rise in unemployment has been a major cause in the growth of foreclosures hitting the housing market. More people losing their jobs mean less money to pay loans for houses, which results in defaults and foreclosures on their property.” THOMAS GAVAGHAN, EZINE Nevertheless, companies continue the layoffs. Some are let go just before they are eligible for retirement and a pension. Those left behind absorb the increased workload created by these layoffs. This makes work more difficult and intensely stressful which oftentimes results in burnout. How unfortunate!

There are countless testimonials on how difficult it is to get a mortgage as banks and mortgage companies continue to change their stand in order to protect their interests and reduce their losses. In my own neighborhood, buyers have sought out foreclosed homes; however the banks took so long to respond that they walked away to seek other opportunities. This foreclosure climate has also created a nightmare for sellers in asking a fair price for their homes!

Then there are the woes on the rising price of gas which results in increased price for goods. The recent automatic 3% Georgia State tax on gas could have been stopped by the governor, but he refused. So, although there will be more tax money in the coffers from INCREASED GAS PRICES there will be less tax money from the purchase of other goods.

Now we need more prayer for our leaders, our nation, and the many who have been victimized by these troubled times.

It is encouraging to note that friends, who are struggling themselves, are reaching out to others in their time of need. God bless all of you.


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I have been working on a serious piece for my post, but decided I need more time to think on it. So I decided to share a beautiful work of art by a friend of mine that is more peaceful than reading the post I am working on 🙂

This is the first piece I ever saw of Michael Cox’s art and still one of, if not my favorite.
He titled it “Together”… if only we all could work together and be more loving it would be a beautiful world. Thanks Michael.

Together by Michael Cox

To see more of Michael’s work go to his site www.michaelcox.com

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