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PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer's disease

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I wrote some of this May 5, 2008. Two years previously we had to put Mother in assisted living because her Alzheimer’s has progressed so she needed 24/7 care.

I recently talked with the nurse at the assisted living home where Mother has been the last two years. She advised me that Mother’s memory has deteriorated significantly in the last few months. She does not know where she is going, cannot use the elevator, unable to figure out where to go.

I have seen the people in this state and they kind of look like walking vegetables…almost. It is so sad. For years, even before she was bad enough to be placed in the home she has prayed for God to take her HOME with Him.

This is one illness which I wonder why they have to live for years this way. I ask “why God, don’t you take them home?”

So sad to watch people lose their memories, starting with most recent and gradually those further away.

Sorry Mother you had to go through that, but so glad you are now at peace…and remember everything.


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