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Thanks to Connie Harryman, CEO of  Applied Concepts Creativity, Inc. http://www.AppliedConceptsCreativity.com in Greenville for providing the links to two videos of interviews with Dr. Sidney Parnes, hosted by Gregg Farley. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yClcWcPf0HA&feature=share  this is the link to Part 1 of the interview, and then…
Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgmNXz7_JA4&feature=related 

Dr. Parnes, is Professor Emeritus of Creative Studies, Buffalo State College. He is co-developer of the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process.

This is very interesting and exciting, After watching both parts of the interview, even though it’s only the high level explanation of the course, I decided to work on opening my mind to finding  creative ways to accomplish the goals I’ve set for my life. These are major goals and will be life changing. I am excitedly eager for it to begin.


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I had something else in mind for tonight’s post, but decided on sharing one of my favorite photos. It gives me a sense of peace after imagining I place all my cares in the river and let it take them away.

A Peaceful Place by Ann Marquette
Where is your peaceful place?

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I love water and have several photos of the Reedy River and Falls in Greenville, SC.  I took at least 8 photos on a recent trip there with a friend who had never been and wanted to experience the place for herself.  She loves it.    I selected two for this post.

Can you feel the PEACEfulness?

Peaceful Reading at Reedy River Falls

What would you be reading?


A Favorite Spot along Reedy River


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A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

Heart - Give your heart lovingly

Would you like to KNOW… that you are visible to the world around you? 

Yesterday on Oprah’s Farewell show she left us with a loving message filled with inspiration and encouragement.  She said one of the things she learned through all these years is that everyone wants to be SEEN, HEARD, and VALIDATED.  She wanted to do that for others…to really see them, hear them, and help them feel validated (my words). 

Many times in my life I have felt invisible.  The first time I ever knew I had found my voice was when my first story about Little One was published.  I sometimes still feel invisible and unheard, but I don’t feel so bad about it.  I have frequently hear that still small voice inside saying  “write, write, write.”  I would say to that voice, with a chuckle “Ok, but it doesn’t pay and I still need to have a way to support myself.”

I started my own blog last September so I would write more.  I am working at it. I enjoy writing, I love meeting new people and getting to know them.  Blogging is a great way to do both. 

I will also finish the second story of Little One.  Occasionally another poem finds its way into my soul and I put pen to paper.

Maybe I will always be an unknown writer, and that is ok.  If most of what I write helps at least a few people, whether to bring a smile to their hearts, encourage or inspire them, or helps them in some way… then it will be worth it.

Do you ever feel invisible? Do you feel that you are seen, heard, and validated?
 “What do you want me to hear?”

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The forest ranger had no idea the resident of this nest. So, my imagination goes down another path 🙂 No, I am not going to tell you where it has gone. Instead, I want to hear from you…who or what do you think has made this their home?

Who Lives Here by Ann Marquette

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As my regular readers will know, I have a resident in my tree out front…a Robin which built her nest in a branch which is hanging over the path walk up to my front porch.

Robin in her nest by Ann Marquette

This morning I saw two Robins, a male Cardinal, AND a squirrel walking around out front under the tree. All of them were together within a 5 foot radius. They were eating berries which had fallen from the Bing Cherry tree. Wish I could have gotten my camera quick enough to capture the scene.

A friend of mine has a little plot in a community garden and she had some extra sweet potato and onion plants left. She met me this morning to give them to me to plant. So, off I went to Home Depot to get some pots and potting soil so I could get them planted. Here they are…

Veg Plants by Ann Marquette

I had to wait until tonight to water them. I will try to remember to take updated photos in a week or so.

All the years I have been here I have not had any birds build a nest in the tree, nor have I planted any vegetables. Interesting Year 2011.

Have you had anything interesting happen this year, or done anything new? I would love to read your stories.

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I decided to share another of my favorites of Michael’s works of art.  It reminds me of the times when I am in a space of time by myself; and of Little One the protagonist in my book Little One~End of Journey Alone.

The Channel by Michael Cox

You can check out more of Michael’s work at his website www.michaelcox.com

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I finally got more photos of the Robin in the nest she made in the tree in front of my house. I could only get them from the window upstairs.  Wasn’t able to get any clearer.  Will try to get more as time goes on.


My Resident Nester

Can you see her head?

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Sharing a photo I took of a young lady chilling out and reading along the Reedy River, downtown Greenville, SC.

Just Chillin along the Reedy by Ann Marquette

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The Gates photo by Ann Marquette taken in Ireland 1982

These are the Gates to my Home,
and my Heart…
You are welcome to enter, both
as Family and/or Friend.
The keys to unlocking the gates
are kindness, peacefulness,
and love…within yourself.
Once you enter…let us always
be gentle with, considerate of,
and loving to each other. These
will allow us to feel at Home
in our hearts and in
God’s presence.
Upon departing, or retiring for
the night…let us always do so
in peace with each other, with
a hug, and a prayer in our
hearts that all mankind may
someday feel the same.
May God Bless and Protect all
who enter These Gates.

©September 1993

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light heart

Image by dvux via Flickr

I decided to follow-up on my Thursday post My Heart Hurts…
Friday morning in one of my readings “Never Judge” where the last paragraph says “How can one judge of another? ……………… Bring each heart to Me, its Maker, and leave it with Me. Secure in the certainty that all that is wrong I can set right.”

How many times each day do we judge each other, even in small ways. We forget that we do not know where the other person has been in their lives, what they have been through, how their lives and environments have affected them. Even those people we think we know, we don’t REALLY know what is going through their minds, emotions, spirit, their HEARTS. It takes time to truly get to KNOW another person’s background and their heart.

How does your heart feel…about life these days?
What is your dream for our country, and your personal dream?

I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, let your heart light shine.

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 I was sad that I had to cancel my trip to Greenville this weekend for the art festival. Just the gas to drive there and back would cost me $60 which I just cannot spend that right now. I am even careful where I drive around here locally…not too far.

So this weekend I am spending quiet time in prayer and reflection here at the house…NO TELEVISION.


This morning I noticed a MESS AT THE END OF THE WALKWAY to my house..

Hmm! who made this mess (photo by Ann Marquette)


It Is You by Ann Marquette


Making Your Nest by Ann Marquette


The nest is in fairly low branches RIGHT ABOVE my sidewalk.  She is eats lots of the berries from the tree and poops all over my car and parking spots.

Had to take my car to the car wash and will not be parking under the tree for a while.

 What was really cool this morning when I saw her out there, I went out the door with the camera and she never flew away.  Just went about her business gathering stuff for her nest.  Even looked up at me a couple of times.

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This was written by me and edited by my friend Doreen Cox. Thank you Doreen.

“When is this madness going to stop?”

The obsession with GREED and wanting everything NOW has created the volatile situation in which we live in America. News reports of unethical politicians and corporate executives abound where vulnerable people were targeted for personal gain.

And the beat goes on…

“A rapid rise in unemployment has been a major cause in the growth of foreclosures hitting the housing market. More people losing their jobs mean less money to pay loans for houses, which results in defaults and foreclosures on their property.” THOMAS GAVAGHAN, EZINE Nevertheless, companies continue the layoffs. Some are let go just before they are eligible for retirement and a pension. Those left behind absorb the increased workload created by these layoffs. This makes work more difficult and intensely stressful which oftentimes results in burnout. How unfortunate!

There are countless testimonials on how difficult it is to get a mortgage as banks and mortgage companies continue to change their stand in order to protect their interests and reduce their losses. In my own neighborhood, buyers have sought out foreclosed homes; however the banks took so long to respond that they walked away to seek other opportunities. This foreclosure climate has also created a nightmare for sellers in asking a fair price for their homes!

Then there are the woes on the rising price of gas which results in increased price for goods. The recent automatic 3% Georgia State tax on gas could have been stopped by the governor, but he refused. So, although there will be more tax money in the coffers from INCREASED GAS PRICES there will be less tax money from the purchase of other goods.

Now we need more prayer for our leaders, our nation, and the many who have been victimized by these troubled times.

It is encouraging to note that friends, who are struggling themselves, are reaching out to others in their time of need. God bless all of you.

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I have been working on a serious piece for my post, but decided I need more time to think on it. So I decided to share a beautiful work of art by a friend of mine that is more peaceful than reading the post I am working on 🙂

This is the first piece I ever saw of Michael Cox’s art and still one of, if not my favorite.
He titled it “Together”… if only we all could work together and be more loving it would be a beautiful world. Thanks Michael.

Together by Michael Cox

To see more of Michael’s work go to his site www.michaelcox.com

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This was written in 2004

Oh my Love
I feel you
Here with me

My soul, my spirit, & I
Can barely contain ourselves
We long to run to you
We feel the warm glow within

We see you, glowing
Thinking of me
Your eyes shine
A most radiant smile
Deep within you

Oh Love of my Life
I know you
You know me
We have waited so long

It is almost time
And very soon
We will be
In each others arms

Joy beyond words
Together forever
Oh Love of My Life.

March 29, 2004

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