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This was written as a wedding gift for friends in 2002

You have whispered to our hearts Oh God,
and, through each other we have heard Your voice.

We have found a very special love for each other through Your Grace, and we thank you God our Father.

On this very special day, when we witness our love, to our families and friends. We ask Your Blessings on us now, and all the days of our lives.

Just as we Wed on this beautiful Spring day,
and the beauty of the nature you have given us is in bloom…so too is our love for each other.

We ask you God, and all Your Angels, to guide us and always remind us, that there will be seasons in our love, just as there is in nature.
Let us always be mindful to treasure all those seasons with love, and to remember, Spring will always come.

On this day, and all the days of our lives together, we give You Lord God our joys and sorrows, our hearts, our love.

We commit our lives and love to You this day,
and will remember to always listen to your voice whispering in our hearts.

©July 2002


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