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A musical comedy produced by RISPA Theatrical Productions was performed eight times over the previous week.

With music by Zina Goldrich and book and lyrics by Marcy Heisler, Dear Edwina is a musical comedy for all ages! 13-year-old Edwina Spoonapple is an “advice-giver extraordinaire.” She and her friends share wisdom on everything from trying new foods to making new friends through clever, catchy and poignant songs. She is assisted by her older siblings Joe and Myra and a host of quirky friends and neighbors: Becky, the perky cheerleader; Kelli, the cool, sophisticated girl; Annie, the girl-scout cookie-selling champion; the Vanderploonk triplets; Roberta, the befuddled new kid on the block; and Scott, who is helplessly and hopelessly in love with Edwina. Together they set out to tackle the world’s problems, in number after hysterical number about everything from birthday party etiquette to the proper way to set a table. This funny and charming musical is perfect for the entire family!!

Along with a group of friends we attended last Saturday afternoon’s show. The performers were amazingly talented children. I was hoping to acquire some photos to show you, but they have not been provided.

The lead character, Edwina was played by Indigo Crandell who was perfection. She WAS truly Edwina. I sensed she was doing what she loves doing. I asked her after the show if she wanted to continue acting, and with deep conviction she said not only did she want to continue in this field, but she wants to become a director…and she is a mere 11 years old.

Lily Dickinson, playing the part of Myra Spoonapple did a great job, AND she is an amazing singer. Great voice.

Throughout there was applause and loud shouts/hoots of approval.
As the last song came to an end a roar of hoots, hollers, claps began before the wave of attendees came to a standing ovation.

Oh Broadway…call them to you.


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